ALDERNEY GAMBLING CONTROL Commission: Everything about the well-known commission

Alderney is one of those small islands that add new multinational online gambling companies every year and exhibit them game licenses. Of course, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission issues its Permits Not just anyone. Your policy is particularly strict and protocol. We therefore regarded this regulatory and control commission closer to ourselves, which is particularly appreciated by the British providers and we have found more about the fairness of their Alderneygambling Control Commission license.

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the government of Alderney

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was founded in May 2000 on the occasion of the Gambling Laws, which was written one year before, 1999,. The companies who would like to acquire one or more licenses issued by the Government of Alderney, must meet strict selection criteria, but also fulfill all claims of the AGCC, especially from financial perspective. Finally, all licensees must transfer a fixed commission every year. However, you do not pay income tax and no VAT. You need to know that the Government of Alderney is very innovative: It has adjusted its laws several times to meet the will of the European Union in terms of free trade. The Government of Alderney has introduced a license structure as a very first to distinguish between authorizations for casino providers offering their services to consumers and to offer Alderneygambling Control Commission approvals for companies that offer other company services. AGCC distinguishes two types of permits:

  • The Aldney Gambling Control Commission License of category 1 is for suppliers who have direct contract loyalty with the players.
  • The Gambling Control Commission Approval of category 2 is similar to the difference that it also allows online transactions. In both cases, the licenses are available for all types of gambling. However, the category 2 license brings additional costs in the amount of 35 per year.000 pounds sterling with themselves.

The credibility and usability of the license from Alderney in USA

AGCC works closely with the game commission of Kahnawake. Incidentally, the AGCC under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is also a partnership with the Danish Gambling Authority, the Danish Regulatory Authority,. AGCC maintains partnerships with visible and recognized institutions such as the Nevada Gaming Board and the government of Ontario in Canada. The licensees are subjected to strict controls each year. Technical tests follow these exams: The AGCC staff turns into the role of players and test the fairness of casino service services as well as the efficiency of the random number generator. The security of the homepage and the payment system are also under the magnifying glass. As you have understood you can trust the casinos that own a license of the AGCC.

News from Alderney Gambling Control 2021

There are no interesting news about the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. But we would like to discuss a serious topic, which was picked up by some licensors. Some warns their players from illegal casino numbers on the web. The crisis has completely under control the world. Through the Lockdowns many do not know what they do. Some players who otherwise go to real casinos or operate horse bets, contact the web spontaneously and can be seduced. Not infrequently, these pages that are not serious. Here you have to be careful. It is important to and as important to know the license information. Please register only on pages you know, or where the Alderney Gambling Control Commission approval is detectable. As a US customer, they only play in USA at best. This is required by the government anyway. US should play in their own country and drive the online casinos. Support your casinos, finally a long fought that there is finally your own gamebanks.

Another topic is the gambling addiction. Many people are no longer under control. The commissions inform and give tips on what you can do. On the respective websites there is information about self-help groups. In addition, there is the possibility to lock. From the beginning, players should set limits and know what they do. If you are already endangered, does not log in and go to a therapist. Non-desperate. Do something as long as you are able. The finances are most likely not better through COVID19.


Can US play at Casinos with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission license?

The US authorities say that US should only play in their own country. Whether there are punishments for those who do not talk about, we can not say. But we recommend you stay in USA or at least in the EU. If you want to gain abroad, then at the MGA. This has some offers for US in stock, if it is right in a grayscale. Reputable and sure they are best in their own country, they may never forget.

Where are the license information at the casinos?

In most cases, the providers at the end of the casinog page inform about the respective approval. There you will find a current number, the address of the company and the name of the licensor. If there is nothing there, take a look at the terms and conditions or in the imprint, if available. Do not find info on the complete website, fingers away. Then the casino is probably not serious.

Where are the license information on the website?

Who is already gambling, can be locked on the platform. In addition, there is often the possibility to set a limit. Either directly in the casino profile or about customer service. Many information can be found under "Responsible Play" on the coinoge side. Use these to get helpful answers.