Online Casino France: The French Regulatory Authority for Online Games

In France, Arjel (Autorité de Régulation of the Jeux en Ligne) is responsible as an independent administrative authority for regulating gambling on the Internet. The on the 12th. Founded in May 2010, institutions distributed every year Spiellizenzen to foreign providers. Nevertheless, there is some legal ambiguity in relation to Online gambling in France. You also need to know that the position of the French Government is contrary to the principles and recommendations of the European Union. May the online casinos really work in the French market? What are the other alternatives for the players and online betting players?

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the French Government

The Arjel may only regulate the following games: horse betting, sports betting and online poker. The Arjel does not regulate the online casinos. These are therefore not allowed in the market in France. The Arjel mission is to protect the players, but also to issue the providers approvals that respect the technical requirements and fulfill their obligations. About the Arjel, the French government also fights fraud, money laundering and cybercrime.

The credibility and usability of the French license in USA

At the current time online casino games in France are not legal. Because even if there are money online casinos that offer the French players their services such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slot machines and others, these do not have a French license. In fact, their license was issued by a foreign, frequent European, regulatory authority. So if they are not compliant with the French law, they meet European law. You just have to know what the French players risk, when they play on one side that does not have an Arjel license.

In reality, they simply risk nothing, because only the games provider themselves can be paid. There are French secure and trusted online casinos where you should play.

Arjel: gambling pleasures should be careful

According to our research, the Arjel to gambling pleased persons warn that this is due to missing bets in the stage and Co, on illegal pages. COVID19 has changed a lot and unfortunately have now now also many online games Casino scammers now have a great room. At this point we would like to remember you, no matter what country or wherever you play. Pay attention to the license and all security measures. Play in the EU and read one or the other review of online casinos and sports betting providers to enjoy perfect safety.

If you look at yourself as a scorching or know someone who is striking, give him information where he can inform himself. In times like these many people lose patience and no longer know where at the back and the front. Due to the Lockdowns many people are home alone and use the internet scasinos as distraction. The danger is the bigger because you do not have to control. Many already give up and think it does not make sense anymore. However, there is a life to Corona and you should build now. Put yourself as player limits, let yourself be locked or play only in demo mode. So you move forward.


How do you recognize a secure gambling website as a player?

There are some points that must pay attention to each website operator. This includes, for example, a SSL encryption. At this one must hold each one. Furthermore, a privacy information is necessary in the EU area. If these are missing and the terms and conditions, you should not play. The license information itself is also available on the website. To get the highest security, you should always play in the EU or in USA.

Can US play in France in online casino?

Since there is the new online casinos in USA, the state actually wants his residents to play in their own country. This has several reasons, especially tax technology. Still it is a grauberg, many foreign casino present special online slots casino offers for US. Whether someone was already punished or not, we can not say. We think no. To be sure to go safe, playing in your own country is always preferable.

You can sort of licenses somehow?

If you want to know if the casino license is valid or not, this can be found on the respective commission website. There all online casino providers are listed, which have a license. In case of doubt you should always control twice and triple. Basically, we only recommend to play anyway with known casinos where you are sure these are serious. Those who we imagine can trust them 100%. Who makes yourself looking for yourself, must always be careful that all his order has.