Pai Gow Poker: The slightly different pokerart

Due to the high popularity of Pai Gow Poker, some variants have gained the way in our casinos over the past decades. But of course, the internet revolution to PaigowPoker did not go unnoticed and so you can do this Casino game In some online casinos.

The Best Pai Gow Poker Casinos

The story of the PaigowPoker

The PaigowPoker is an American variant of Chinese Pai Gow. In the 1980s, the two businessmen Sam Wolf and Fred Torosian acted in the casino industry invented this back then novel casino game.

Pai Gow Poker is the poker variant of the time-honored Pai Gow, that until today is still played in China with Domino Steinen. Compared to the original, PaigowPoker is adapted to our western ideas and habits of playing with poker cards and especially suitable for cute moments in the casino.

The clever men came up with the idea of developing a modernized version of the Pai Gow when they undertaken a longer journey through Asia. Especially with the background that more and more Chinese immigrants moved to the US, Wolf and Torosion's thought came up, a version of Pai Gow without Domino stones, but with the usual poker cards, could as a symbiosis between Chinese tradition and Western identity, especially the Tighten Chinese immigrants.

In the following years, the paigow poker developed into one of the hippest casino games in California. Today Paigowpoker is indispensable by most casinos. Especially by the Asian-looking presentation of the game, Paigowpoker offers a very special flair. The fair winning opportunities and collegial with each other against the dealer make paigow poker to one of the best casino games.

In order to make the game accessible and explain the best strategies, we have informed ourselves very well for you. So you do not shy away from getting an overview of Pai Gow with us and get deeper into points that are particularly interested in!

The game rules of the PaigowPoker

If you know poker, you will have a lot of fun with Paigowpoker. Especially through the fairly similar rules of the game, the entry will be easily falling. Consider only once the basis of the game. You get seven poker cards from a player from a 52 or 53er deck. This makes it possible to make the same hands as other poker variants like Texas No Hold'em. The difference is actually only in the fact that you have to form two poker hands and can not record new cards. The art is to optimally distribute their seven cards on two hands!

In the showdown with the dealer, both of their poker hands must be stronger than that of the dealer. Of course, that also means that they only lose if both poker hands are weaker than that of the dealer. So they will not lose anything in many laps, as they should play on safety and make a hand as much as possible if their cards do not give a victory. But beware: her big hand with the five cards must always be more valid than the little hand with the two cards. An injury this rule will not be tolerated! So that that does not happen to you, we have summarized the game rules of the paigow poker in detail for you.

The strategies of the Pai Gow Poker

As in most other games, you should pay attention to not playing too much to play, but to use mathematical basics. Probabilities give the optimal decisions at the poker table. This means who best assess these probabilities is always the advantage! But now the good news: You can use this principle to use because we have developed a simply learning paigow poker strategy for you, with which you extend your chances to the maximum!

Of course you can not change anything to the house advantage of the game. This is usually up to 5%, but also here you would have to inquire about the paigow poker casino of your choice, because this house advantage can be different. Most casinos require a 5% share of their net profit. In contrast to play, like roulette, which depend in the luck, you can commit avoidable mistakes at the PaigowPoker. That's why it's important that you do not like the casino these cases, but get the most out of your cards to exploit the mostly low house advantage of the casino.

Play paigow poker for free in the casino

Paigowpoker is a game of which many have never heard anything. That's why it's worth starting this point in demo mode. We recommend this basically with all games. For table games are free games practical because they can learn the game rules without risk. Besides, tactics can be developed and tested that they snapped somewhere.

Pai Gow Free Games make a lot of fun and bring advantages. Which, learn in the next lines. Especially with poker games it makes sense to play in advance in the demo mode so that you even know which game you play. There are Hold`em, Pai Gow, 3 Card Poker and many others. Would you know about the fast, which poker hands you need in the individual versions to win? As a beginner, you should always remember a kind of. Play them until the game rules go into the blood. If you master this sometime, the change to another version is nothing in the way. If you play many variants at the same time, the hot match recommends that you remember the game rules. Sometimes it lasts a moment until one collapses the values again.

Poker is a game that you have to practice. Pai Gow is not that difficult, but also here you have to know what you do. For those who do not want to sit at the poker table for hours, Pai Gow is definitely a good opportunity.

At this point an important tip to you. Please only play on reputable pages poker. This also applies to the free mode. The internet world is threatening and everywhere where it is on top of it, usually hides a chargeable offer. Partly they are crowded in Abrofals or you want your e-mail address. Afterwards you get dubious offers for casinos or you want to sell trickbooks. All this has already occurred. That's why you should only play there where you feel safe.

A registration does not need it, unless it is a real money casino. Even there you can play partially without registration. If you sign up somewhere, read the terms and conditions, and make sure that the website is SSL-encrypted. This point is enormous so that you do not get viruses on the computer.

The same game with the apps. If you want to play poker on the smartphone, use the mobile sides of the casinos or get apps from the Playstore. In no case should you download programs of any dubious pages. Would you like to catch Trojan, Nu for a little fun. That does not pay off.

On the web there are hundreds of online casino pages. Many of them we present them and we also show them where they can play for free. You can easily become fairy problems with the spam pages. As you see, we just want the best for you. Especially in the game banks area you should hold together, because otherwise you get into an addiction trap and do so quickly and do this. Casino yes, but with limit and with mind. So you enjoy it and in the end are not poorer than before.

Grab a bonus in the online casino

There is hardly any online casino that does not give a bonus to customers. Partly you get a deposit bonus, where else a bonus without deposit or free spells. The fact is, many of these actions can also use for poker. Provided this is anchored in the bonus conditions.

Before you get started to play, you should always be the terms and conditions. read the bonus conditions. There you will learn where the premium is valid everywhere and what you need to consider. Often the bonus is suitable for poker, but the game is not one of the sales requirements. In that case you would have to play the bonus elsewhere. What we mean exactly with it? Each bonus is subject to the wagering. Sometimes you have to implement the bonus 20x, 40x or 50x. Let's assume you receive a balance of 200 US and a sales requirement of 20x. In this case you have to be 4.Play 000 US. Only when this sum has been reached, you get your payout. If poker only partially or not applicable to the recovery request, this means that you need to implement the sum even more frequently. That's why we recommend you if you win a lot with poker, then switch to the slot machines and play the sum there. Lift the profit and pay it again.

Mostly there is a welcome bonus. For example, 100% with up to 200 US. Everything is doubled here up to 200 US. In addition, sometimes no deposit bonuses are awarded. These are those where no deposit is necessary. You log in and just get the 200 US. Again, the sales requirements apply. Please note that in a bonus without deposit usually only up to 100 US will be paid out. This regulation overlook many players and get annoyed if they do not get their money. Again, we recommend that you lift the money as soon as you reach the 100 US.

Tip: Jackpot winnings are mostly excluded from it, but we can not tell you how the casinos can handle this if you win there and there a part. Unfortunately, the bonus conditions are quite complicated in this regard, so player no longer explains. That's why we always advise you, play a no deposit only in slot machines, and best where you can get a jackpot. If you do not go to the win, you can also hire where differently. The rules are partly so opaque that the providers like to excuse. Anyone who asks before is always smarter afterwards.

Paigowpoker is a game for beginners or rather not?

Since you have to form two hands at this casino game, it is our opinion more difficult than the classic hold `em. You have to focus twice and pay attention to whether you have matching poker hands or not. We recommend it more to those who have already experience with other poker variants.

Who has great interest in Pai Gow Poker, can play it of course. No question, nobody is prohibited, there are different versions. It always depends on how well you master the games yourself. If you can not remember the rules of rules and keep a cool head, will have a pleasure with Pai Gow immediately. Unfortunately, there are also players that are overwhelmed with two hands. In this case you should start better with a simple way. Here we recommend for example video poker. This variant is simple and ideal for beginners. They play alone and can slowly remember the values of the poker hands.

Play Pai Gow Poker in LiveCasino

At this point we can give you a tip to the end. Also in LiveCasino Pai Gow Poker is represented. If you want to experience casino glamor and live in color, you are perfectly picked up there.

They play against real dealers who share the cards before their eyes. Who wants to play in the live scasino, but should know the game rules and dominate. Practice in advance in demo mode until you can do it. In the beginning it is advisable to play against the computer. First, if you know what you do, you are perfectly picked up in the LiveDealencasino. In any case, such a one is a good one, if you want to play in the right casino. It takes you the shy and you know how Paigow runs live. Have fun trying.


If you find PaigowPoker in every online casino?

Unfortunately, it is a casino game that can not be found everywhere. If you want to play exactly this, you should look around where there are many table games. In the special poker games. Large casinos working with many providers have more such exotics in the program. Partly there are platforms that do not even offer video copiers. Look on our side, we'll show you where to find the best games. Or just google to PaigowPoker.

Is there Pai Gow in LiveCasino?

Yes, Paigow is also offered in LiveCasino. But here the same applies. You sometimes have to look for a long time because it does not belong to the standard games. Did you find it, you are welcome. Please note that there is no demomomody in the live casino. You should already master the rules when you set yourself at the table. Excluded, they only watch, this is possible in many casinos when the provider allows.

Can learn every paigow?

Of course, you can learn any casino game. It just depends on how cleverly they are. The one are rally roulette professionals, the others have a perfect pokerface. Just try it in which you play it in demo mode. So you will quickly find if Pai Gow Poker is your casino game or not. If it is still overwhelmed, play Hold `Em or VideoPoker. There they learn the basics. Later, you can still change to Pai Gow as soon as you feel ready.

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