Caribbean Stud: Caribbean flair in the online casino

It is so we combine the duty, and enjoy pleasure. Duty, because we through our extra income Casino games do not want to give up and pleasure because we like to enjoy the sun on the Caribbean beaches. That's why Caribbean Stud is one of our favorite games.

The best Caribbean Stud casinos

The story of the Caribbean Stud

Stories are a bit great and an almost everyone wants to know where certain games come from. Also at Caribbean Stud, there are some sources that can not be different. We have gathered the most important. If this does not have a 100% statement, you know at least where it was common. And in the end it does not matter where it came from. The main thing is there and you can play it everywhere.

The variants of history around Caribbean Stud are manifold. Some sources assume that this card game was still played by Sir Francis Drake and invented by one of his sailors. Other sources say that Frenchman then brought the Casino Game Poque to America, before it developed today as a Caribbean Stud. We hold the latter version for more realistic and are relatively sure that the card game has its origins in Spanish Primero, which was played with three cards.

Yes, the various sources of the history of the Caribbean Stud are contradictory, but one thing is safe, the game was one of the first one of the casino boat in Nevada and Los Angeles beginning of the 20. Centuries have come too much known. Since then, the casino game has evolved with a jackpot and many extra professers to not sleep the signs of time.

Even a Caribbean card game must have crystal clear rules!

The rules of the Caribbean Stud are clear

Try to challenge him to the duel. What sounds like a military ritual is done simply in the casino. There are two missions that you have to pay to start the duel described with the dealer.

On the one hand the basic use that you have to play at the beginning of each round. On the other hand, the raise, which can either be paid upon receipt of the cards or not. If a player keeps his cards for too weak, he does not have to pay the raise, but does not come to the showdown either. He loses its basic use, but prevents further evil. The decision is facilitated to the player, because the dealer must uncover one of his cards and therefore gives a small indicator which hand could hold.

Force the success with strategy

Strategies in card games are strange for many players. One plays a game after all to have fun. But in addition to the rules of the game one should already know which decisions of the factual situation are meaningful and which are not.

In contrast to the often committed opinion, you could play card games after feeling and experience, this is unfortunately not responsible. Of course you can also win at Caribbean Stud without knowing the correct strategies, but in the end one of the house advantage will pull the money out of the bags. But what are these strategies that we praise here like Jesus the Word of God?

Each strategy of a card game is based on the facts. The facts are composed of the 52 cards, the 5 hand cards and the possible hands together and enable the determination of the perfect action depending on the hand of the player and the dealer. We show you in our simple but ingenious Caribbean Stud strategy, which decision you have to make under what prerequisite to win as much as possible.

Would you like to experience a variety?

Caribbean Stud is a durable game. But now and then even the hard-minded player needs a small change. Fortunately, there are some variants of the Caribbean Stud, who always offer in such a case.

If you've ever played the card game "Draw", you will have fun with Caribbean Draw. But also newcomers should not miss this casino game. The only difference is the ability to exchange a card. This gives the casino game another complexity component, which on one side increases the risk of committing a mistake, but can save a lost hand on the other side.

We've just recently encountered it, but since then this variant has a lot of fun. Caribbean Hold'em is a variant of the Caribbean Stud, where you have to make a 5-card handcard with just two hand cards, but five community cards. It is nice to look at how the table maps significantly influence the outcome of the game. The different reactions of the players when disclosing the community cards are always an event that a wide grin conjures us in the face.

Play Caribbean Stud for free in the online casino

Games that are not so well known or completely new for one, you should always try free. There is the free demomodi in the online casino. Log in and play start. It also has other reasons why you should start for free. We would like to give you some tips in this regard so you can get started directly and know where to gamble for free.

On the one hand, the demomodi is there so that you get to know the game from scratch. If you know other poker species, you may be a little confused. This often occurs because the values are different, but the actions are similar. Nobody should gamble too many games at once. Stay with a kind and become a professional there. Only when you master the game should you change to another kind. It just makes more sense. Especially with the poker belongs talent, can and exercise. You have to get a flair for when it makes sense to get out or invest more. You can not erlen this quickly overnight. Take the time and for this is the demo mode there.

Some players used playing for free to learn or test certain strategies. If you see one, you may want to use it directly. No question, doing many people like. But you will also see that not every trick fruits. Note one, you can improve the opportunities, but there is never a tactic that promises 100% profits. Since it is gambling, it is simply not possible.

Get an online casino bonus and play you

There is a bonus in many online gamebanks. We recommend that you get such a one and set off. Why not? Especially if the bonus is free, you have nothing to lose and if you deposit something anyway, you get free money on top. What more do you want?

Important, read the bonus conditions in advance, as the bonus is not always usable for table games. If he is that, it may be in turn that he is only part of the sales requirements. You must be concerned, each bonus must be implemented several times. For example, 20x. This in turn means for you when you receive 100 euros and play 20x, it is 2.To free 000 euros. If the game does not count to the sales request, or only partially, you have to invest more money. That's why we recommend again and again, pay attention not only to the bonus height, but to the sales requirements. It's a lot more important.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Caribbean Stud is offered in every online casino?

Unfortunately you do not find it on all casino platforms. It happens that sometimes you have to look for a little afterwards. The best helps to surf the provider pages that have several poker games on offer. Most games can be found in the table play area, but also at the live casino sector there is a lot to discover. Please note that there are different versions from the game.

You can also play Caribbean Stud in the live casino?

Yes, also in various live casinos it is offered. There they play against the right dealer and feel like in a real casino. If you want, you can put on the table and watch directly. Play for free can you relax in the live casino because the dealers have to be paid is possible in many casinos. Prerequisite, you are logged in and ready for an adventure.

Is Caribbean Stud Ideal for beginners?

Since it is a game, which requires some skills, we would rather say that it is advanced for poker. It always depends on how well you are and how much experience you have. Transfers are easier than complete beginners. We would recommend this video poker to get started. There you learn playfully the card values and you can prepare for other versions.

Caribbean Stud is great, but there are many other casino games

Let us show you Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Blackjack and pretty much every other existing casino game. For you, we have all the information you need to become a top player summarizes. It is now available to you what you do!