Blackjack cards include: the card counting strategy

Many gamers and organizations keep card counting in blackjack for illegal. The card count is not a fraud. It's a real one Blackjack Strategy whose goal is to estimate the potential of the cards remaining in the card stack.

As long as you rely on your memory and its skills, you can hinder the card counting strategy to use. However, if you take a computer or calculator to help you be prosecuted. If you want to apply this tactic in a terrestrial casino, you should stay unobtrusively as possible.

The little story of the counting strategy

We want to start with the story so you know where the cards are currently counting. It is always interesting to travel to the past, because you learn a lot about the time of that time. Unbelievable that we are in such a modern age and yet we still play the classics from then. Even in terms of tactics did not change much. Most of it was launched at that time and is still applied today. Why not? What works, you should also maintain. Unfortunately, only some things should not be like this as at the time. But this is another story.

Due to the systematic benefit of casinos - this is averaging 5% - have developed rapidly strategies to help players for better chances. You need to know that casino operators like to watch players at losing: Before the 1950s, they had no interest in strategies and saw the blackjack as a real and pure gambling. After this time, however, it happened to radical changes. In a press article, which was directed to a broad audience, Roger Baldwin presented an analysis of the best mathematical game methods. Without knowing it, Baldwin had introduced the basic strategy of the blackjack with which the advantage of the casino could be lowered to less than 1%.

Then, around 1960, was Edward Thorp, an arithmetic professor, on the series. In his book Beat the dealer, he explains how to correctly call the cards: the only means to achieve an advantage for the gamer. This novelty put the casino operators panic, as they did not keep the game under control anymore. To retain their advantages, they therefore decided to change the rules of blackjack and its variants and thus to distort the teachings of Edward Thorp. But it is still possible today to win online blackjack.

The basis of card counting with blackjack

No matter what strategy, you definitely learn the basics in any case. Also counting in the cards are such. Go through the tactic step by step until you understand this. Especially in the cards counting is important that you know what you do, finally you do not have to be caught. Who should not hide behind his pokerface, should not be careful in the casino. Beginners often make the mistake and go to the wildlife too early. This should be prevented. Practice the cards include months until you apply it. Otherwise everything was free if they are not allowed to play there, where they really wanted.

In order to efficiently count the cards with blackjack, it is sufficient to observe the distributed cards. The card counting is done by counting and requires a good memory. But you can also hit very well without knowing all the cards that are still in the Sabot. So the user can count the cards and separate the low from the high cards by pulling an imaginary dividing line in the head. When the ratio suggests that there are more higher than low cards, the player tries to increase its betting insert, because this ratio is in favor of his favor. The probabilities are immediately advantageous for the player: The croupier burns regular and also the blackjacks are more common.

The card counting strategy made easy

For learning, we recommend that you take a map cover at hand and mix the cards. Drag the cards to and after and share them. As if they were the dealer and player at the same time. Then put the cards in front of you and start counting. How and what we mean, learn in this section. It's important that you practice in peace and without pressure. Exercising in the online casino is not really possible. Why, learn later.

Most of the card counting systems starts with 0. As soon as the first card of the stack is distributed, the counter is at 0. Then each distributed card receives a certain value: +1, -1 and 0. This very widespread system is also called Hi Lo System. Of course, the gamer must pay attention to his own cards, but also on the cards that are dealt by the other players and the croupier. When the ratio of high cards is high, the player has several options:

  • The croupier burns more frequently (exceeds the 21 points).
  • The players have a bigger chance to make a blackjack.
  • The players receive higher cards and their leaves are more strongly.

If the count of the cards is high, the user should set higher sums, because it has a certain statistical advantage compared to the croupier. However, it is clear that not all sheets can win, even if they are better in the long term.

The TrueCount - Why this is so important in the cards count

The first tip with the cards count was just the beginning. Now the moment we have to tell you that it does not work in the online casino. This is because you need to know about an exact calculation how many cards still lie in the card shoe. This is rarely visible in the online casino. If you want to play in real casino, then TRUECOUNT makes sense sense. We now show you how to calculate this.

For example, they appreciate that there are 2 of 4 decks in the shoe. The current count is saying at +1. In this case you have to expect +1 / 2 x 4. Gives the truecount +2. If you want to calculate the cards directly, there is another formula. Example: There are 94 cards from 312 left. In this case, the invoice is as follows: +1 / 94 x 312 = + 3.32.

If you know the Truecount, you can drive the game better. At values of less than +2 you should set the minimum limit, from +2 doubles, from +3 tripled and from +4 quadruple. These values should be easily remembered. Everything under +2 or at 0 you should never go over the minimum use because the risk of loss is too high.

What should you bring as a player for skills, so you can successfully count cards?

Actually, the skills are clear on the hand. There will only be those gamers who can count well and this in mind. Those who get married quickly, probably aligned more damage than you wanted. In no case are you allowed to use a calculator. Who does that, will be referenced immediately to the casino. If you can quickly count in your head, you will probably not be pursued. But nobody should be too long. This falls up again and is negative for its own casino career!

Expect quickly in the head are skills that you should definitely have. In addition, as a tactic user, a pokerface should also be put on the day. If you do not have that, you do not need to set the blackjack table. In addition to the Kopfrechnen you have to remember the values all and can divide it well. The good news. So many numbers are not again. If you expect the value +3, the same result always comes out. The number of cards in the shoe are not changing too. You must therefore master the fast count and know which True Count the individual values result. If you have the driving, the worst is already done.

At first it sounds so easy. Try it in the online casino. There is no truecount there, but the regular card counting you can train. You will see that you do not have much time. In stressful situations, a problem is also a problem for many gamers. That's why you should train long until you master it perfectly.

Why Cards Counting with Truecount online does not work

Too nice it would be if this method would work in the online casino. But she does not. We bet who thinks logically, it will find out. No do not worry, we do not span anyone on the torture. It is because you have no direct view of the card shoe in the online casino. Who plays against the computer, do not know anyway, which is digital in the box. And Live Dealer show the shoe reluctantly. Fact is, you never have a good insight into this area, so the true count can not function.

The normal cards can count everyone if he wants, but without the true count, it is only half as sensible because you do not know in the end, how many cards are still in the shoe. Surely the method is better than nothing. Whether it brings something for a personally, everyone has to decide for themselves. It's better, you focus on the table. This can already improve a lot. So many intervention possibilities do not give it again with blackjack again.

What happens in the casino when you get caught by the croupier?

Count cards is a tactic that is not banned directly, but it is not welcomed in the casinos. Perhaps it may happen that the game banks entertain their own house rules. There is noted that cards are not allowed. Who resists that, must live with evil consequences. Most casinos throw such gaming strings outside and sometimes lock forever.

Yes, some are really strict here because the strategy actually engages in the house advantage and improves the opportunities for the player. This is also unfair to other gamers who do not know the rules or hold themselves to the true rules. Is better, you do not try it, especially then if you are in an upscale home. There you will not stay there. Who plays against their own friends or in the tavern, can do what he wants. In official game banks it means be careful.


Where you can learn blackjack cards best learn?

Since you should see the card shoe, you best play with friends. One should take the dealer role and share the cards. The actual values can also be tested in the online casino in which you play against the computer. Here you only need the cards that can be seen anyway. Also the live casino is ideal. Treat yourself time and log in. In the live casino you can not play for free, but in many cases take pictures. Use the opportunity to count count. So you will always get better and get used to a pokerface.

How long do you need to master the cards counted?

Unfortunately, there are no clear numbers. This would not be possible because every user is different. It depends on how well you can count on head and how fast you remember numbers. Some create it immediately, others need a few months. In no case should you overestimate yourself. Also, if you have expected the values quickly, you need a self-reliable occurrence so you will not notice in the casino. Or do you want you unmasked it immediately? Probably not. That's why we advise you to train at least a few weeks before you try your new knowledge.

You can use the table and card counting simultaneously?

Theoretically, it would be possible, but you must not forget you only a few seconds to bring everything under a hat. You seriously want to calculate all values and then look at the table? This will hardly go out. That's why we recommend you, opt for one of the two methods. With the table you are definitely better in real casino if you do not want to be caught and online in general, because no trueCount is possible here. The best way to try both tacticals, and decide which they feel more comfortable.

Learn on. Here you will find more content with which you can deepen some of the aspects taken up in this article. With some of these chapters, you can also understand the card counting strategy better: