Pontoon: The simple card game in the casino

Pontoon sounds like a boat. But it is a card game that is very similar to blackjack. We are the topic Casino games for the reason and have summarized the rules for you, developing a perfect strategy and explain how Pontoon has actually created.

The best Pontoon casinos

Ving et Un, Blackjack and Pontoon

What players will notice very quickly, the Pontoon did not know so far is the amazing similarity to blackjack. Also, were surprised and therefore researched exactly where the roots of both players are. It turned out, Blackjack and Pontoon comes from the same game called "Ving et Un" "twenty-one".

The aim of this family of card games is to be as close as possible to the 21?. In the European mainland, this type of game has been around since the 17th. Century developed, was then brought by the European emigrants to America, where it was then in the large casinos in Los Angeles to a box office. But in English Commonwealth sat by a slightly different variant, the Pontoon. The story of the Pontoon is strongly influenced by the British armed forces under which the game was very popular.

Again, players and dealers have to try to make a hand close to the value 21. However, the dealer may keep all his cards concealed and that does that due to its profit-maximizing thinking too. The less the player over the hand of the dealer knows, the harder it is a decision to make for the purpose of taking further cards. But the player is also rewarded with high payouts and additional hands like the Five Card Trick for his ignorance.

So Casinoponton plays

Like most card games with bench, the players are in a semicircle around the dealer. It is played separately against the dealer and the players keep their function as a player at any time.

In turn, decisions are made and cards spent. Up to five cards can be collected, with which one should come as close as possible to the 21. After all, there must be a showdown with the dealer.

In the showdown both parties cover their cards and compare the value of the hand. If a player exceeds the 21, the hand is disqualified and the use is lost. Dealers and players have the same hand, winning the dealer. The idea behind the decisions on the pontoon table must therefore be to always get a high hand beyond the "dangerous" values 15-16 to escape a defeat in the showdown.

These decisions can hit the player

The player gets two cards at the beginning of each round. This can not be over the 21, but more in our rule guide.

The player may now request another map, or complete the hand. Furthermore, there is possibility to share the hand and play two hands in this round when you have two same cards. Fourth, the use can be doubled if you are limited to take just another card.

The strategy in the Pontoon

This card game has a very low house advantage when you play it right. But how do you know when you play properly and when not? Casinopontoon is a gambling like most card games! Thanks to the mathematics, it is clear for every hand, which is the right decision in all situations. So it is possible to remember the mathematically correct action for all hands! This is called something strategy!

We are sure that you have often read as a reader of our guide, how "feel" is out of place at gambling. We must underpin this view again. How can such a feeling come? The player knows what cards the deal holds. The only cards he knows are the cards on his hand. A feeling can only be misleading at this time and may under no circumstances influence their actions. That's the strategy we want to give you the heart!

Twenty-three, 17 and 4 and Co

Pontoon dates as already mentioned by the family of "21" card games. What distinguishes this game by Pontoon is the lack of intention to play money. Already as a child you know the game, because we liked to play in family circles of young and old. That's a good thing, because players already learn the base of gambling at a young age.

Also online, many variants have emerged that can be played on an online casino. Of course, you will find the famous blackjack at each casino, which is very similar to the Pontoon, but some things interpreted differently. Probably the biggest differences: the blackjack always a card of the dealer is revealed. Thus, the player has to learn a more complex strategy, as he must take on the Dealer's card into the decision. On the other hand, there is no Five Card trick and the blackjack is the best possible hand.

Exercise makes Master: Play Pontoon for free

There is hardly a game that you should not play in advance in demo mode. Not at all, if it is a table games. Admitted, you can not go wrong with a slot, at Pontoon, the thing looks a little different.

As with Blackjack and Co, you must know at Casinopontoon how much your cards are worth. In the beginning this requires a little time. Especially if you never played the game. Anyone who opens up from blackjack or baccarat may be a little confused. These are the pitfalls when you play too many table games at once. That's why we plead again and again. Play it Pontoon for free as long as it goes and again and again. Also, you should not mess up too many games. Focus better on one where you will become a pro. So you can use it specifically.

The demo mode is ideal on the one hand to learn the rules, and you can test the tactics there. Take advantage of those who show you or create yourself which. Even is the woman or the man. Why always listen to others. Especially with casino games makes sense to tinker. Play, pay attention, make your own lists and build a statistic. This works best in demo mode. Because they do not have to invest any money and guarantees no risk. Sounds horny, or?

A free mode also makes sense if you just want to play for fun. Not everyone slid in the casino to win. Or play monopoly with friends because they get so much money? The fun behind it is important. If you are a demo player, Pontoon will also prepare fun and exciting hours. Especially in times like these, where people in Lockdown squat, join friends or with strangers. Play online together and forget for a moment, the crisis. Casino games are ideal because you do not have to do a lot here and because you are available for free. You do not need money, why too? Thanks to the Demomodi everything is possible.

Play Pontoon in Live Casino - Real and Pure Luxury

You do not even have to do without luxury. The live dealer mode makes it possible. Play against real dealers and teammates who want to play with them. In the live casino you feel like in a real casino - betting?

Many providers provide variety in the casino. From Evolution Gaming, to Netent, Playtech and Co. In addition to blackjack, roulette and baccarat, pontoon is also offered. You do not have to leave the house or put on a suit or a dress. The live casino can be reached 24 hours a day and no matter where you are, you are always there. Play in pajamas, on the couch or on the toilet. Wherever you want to play Pontoon, it is already waiting for you. On request, they even play this on the smartphone.

Thanks to HTML5, the matches are now running on all devices. The best way to try it directly in which you type in the Casino URL. The redirection to the mobile page is automatic.


Is there a no deposit bonus for Pontoon?

Rarely is there a bonus specifically for table games. It is best to use the general bonus offered in the casino. But here you should find out how it is really valid at Pontoon. Read the Terms and Conditions where you find all the information you need. If so, use the bonus and gamble the game completely free. The great thing is that you still enjoy winning opportunities.

Can you play Pontoon in every casino?

Unfortunately, the game will not be offered everywhere. It would be nice, but it is more about an exotic. The best chances to find it you have where there is a large selection of table games. Sometimes it is offered only in the table play area, sometimes also in the live casino or only there. Research a little until you find the best deals. Read different reviews, and play Pontoon from different companies. Whether in Germany or USA, Pontoon is almost everywhere.

Is pontoon ideal for beginners?

In fact, Pontoon is a light game, similar to blackjack, so it's not hard to learn. For the professional, however, one will only be later, if you can react quickly and the connections recognize. As always and everywhere also goes in the casino. Practice creates masters. So much is safe.

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