GameScale Solutions: The well-known software provider

GameScale is a successful and well-known Software provider In the area of online casinos. This is not least because of the fact that some experienced software developers and industry connoisseurs of other well-known companies such as Playtech and Microgaming have come together to create a bit cool.

About GameScale Solutions

The company was founded only in 2010, but has quickly become one of the market leaders. Your goal was to realize a new concept in online gaming and easy-to-use platforms. At the same time, a marketing solution for the respective provider should be developed.

The seat of the company is located in Malta, where gamescalesolutions a license nr. 4, So as a software provider of casino platforms, got. The software developer and provider exclusively pursue a B2B approach. OnlineCasinos should be given a novel form of the casino platform, which focuses on the individual requirements of the operator.

This means, for example, linguistic attitude, as well as the consideration of local, legal circumstances. These individual needs should be combined with a handsome and manageable design. Nevertheless, each system should be able to keep a flexibility that permits future integrations.

Gamescale now employs over 100 people who are located in Headquarters on Malta, as well as in Tel Aviv, Israel and Chisinau, Moldova. The company philosophy of the company is interesting, because it has developed from former employees the market leader. Out of conviction to develop a better product as the former employer and at the same time being cheaper, they have turned their backs. This has created a unity and a strong cohesion among employees who have been driving the company's growth since then.

The software of GameScalesolutions

Gamescale presents its customers individualized platform solutions in five different languages. A community consists of different ingredients, so that the users of GameScale, which are mainly online casinos, receive a complete solution. First, the casino platform consists of the essential part of every online casino, namely the games.

GameScale develops classic online slot machines, also known as video slots, which are characterized by a high number of graphical and auditory effects. In addition, there are the classic slot machines, which are known as a single-armed bandit. Rubbellosis is also part of the Developer's contingent, but mainly enjoy the foreign language abroad. VideoPoker, however, is also a popular pastime. Gamescalesolutions offers table games such as poker games, roulette, baccarat or blackjack for the professional casino players.

The casino games are the component of an online casinos that the players get to face. However, gamescalesolutions also offers its customers sustainable baking solutions. This includes a sound IT infrastructure, as well as customer service, databases and financial solutions. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing has become an integral part of the casino industry, which is why GamesCale also offers a comprehensive and competitive casino platform. In addition to the IT solution, GameScale companies, who would like to form for an online casino, presents a construction of the company, as well as help with the licensing process.

Which casino games has gamescalesolutions on offer?

Questions about questions we ask ourselves when it comes to software provider. Of course, one or the other gamer wants to know which casino games of the software providers on offer. We already mentioned a couple, table games like blackjack, roulette and poker are there, but also video slot machines. But what is the special feature of this casino games?

The special feature is that gamescale rarely brings individual casino games to the market, but complete casinos. The entrepreneurs rent the platform and offer them under their name. Over 50 casino games are possible, but also lots of payment systems, welcome bonuses, VIP possibilities and different languages. Also, the casinos can be played in different currencies. As you can see, everything is possible here. This is interested in the end customer now less. But it is always good to know what some software companies are doing. Finally, this is also about the topic of security. The more partner has a casino, the more serious it works, even on the end customers. These do not want to invest your valuable money somewhere.

Where is gamescalesolutions licensed and how safe are the casino games?

GameScale Solution is licensed at the MaltagaMingAuthRethority. It is not the only country to provide providers who want to present their casino games to different places also require different permits. Fact is, this manufacturer is safe!

Safety and fairness is in the first place. Finally, a gamer wants to enjoy winning opportunities. That's why everything runs over the random principle. The Random Number Generator is set so that it triggers a profit by accident. Nobody knows when and where this happens. Since every game has a specific RTP, the random generator must behave. In addition, the software provider is dedicated to gambling addiction. Generally, this must do each one because it is a support of the commissions.

In 2020, the topic is looking for and money generally a sensitive. Many players gamble at home because gamebanks and betting offices are closed. Unfortunately, bad to fear at this point. Should you be a prospectable or unsure. Sit down a limit in the casinos. This is possible with the gamescalesolutions casinos in any case. Contact customer service if you do not know more.

There is a bonus in online campasino for gamescalesolutions games?

Numerous players get a casino bonus to get started in an online casino. Cope, after all, nobody wants to give away money. You too should take such a thing if it is offered. Rarely does the premium refers to a particular provider. Mostly you can use the bonuses for all casino games. Except, it is excluded excluding casino games. This can sometimes be. Free games are in turn redeemable only in some games. This will be found in the bonus conditions, the website.

The bonus conditions or. Terms and Conditions should you generally read in advance. And it does not matter in which provider you now gamble. Everyone has other rules and this must be considered. But there are bonus conditions that are almost always the same. Mostly you have to free the bonus multiple times. For example 20x. If you receive a premium of 200 euros, you would have to gamble in the case by 4000 euros. Only then there is a payout. Free show gains and those resulting from casino bonus without deposit offers are usually paid up to 100 euros. You also have to pay attention to the point.

What will do on the sector GameScalesolutions

The year 2020 Turbulent comes to an end. Unfortunately we can not say how the whole evolves. Anyway, GameScale Solution is on it and turn to present new highlights. If you want to stay up to date, you should surf past the official website, where all news will be presented.

The topic online casino will probably be strong in the coming months. Right now, where many gamble at home. On the other hand, it will be a curse for some. That is why it is all the more important that the providers and casinos meet measures. After all, people should not get further in the debt trap.

You want to test the casino games of GameScalesolutions now? Log in to online casino where these are offered and set off. At the beginning you can gamble these directly in demo mode. After that, a change in the real money mode is nothing in the way. Have fun!

The market position of GameScale Solutions

Although Gamescale was created by disappointed employees of the previous market leaders only in 2010, the software company has developed a reputation as a competent provider of casino complete solutions in no time. Already one year after the foundation, the first online casino, which consisted exclusively of software components from Gamescale, started.

The Cosmik Casino has been enjoying great popularity since players. GameScale enjoys the call that it is worth safety, fair game concepts and high payout quotas. It also awards the "Fair Gaming Certificate" which confirms an online casino that it works with comprehensible random generators.