Boss Media Casinos: Information about the manufacturer

The Boss Media Group is one of the most successful Software developer In the field of online casinos in German-speaking countries. Meanwhile, the company develops both poker software, as well as the classic games, such as one-armed bandits, blackjack or roulette. Who is already active in the online casino area will be surprised which renowned online casinos belong to the customers of the BOSS Media Group.

About Boss Media / Gtech

The company is headquartered in Sweden, but mainly developed diverse and demanding solutions for the largest German online casinos. It was already founded in 1996 and traded in the period from 1999 to 2008 at the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

The first online casino that was launched by the Boss Media Group was the legendary Gold Club Casino in 1997. It is still online today and enjoys a large number of international players. After the software company was removed from the capital market in 2008, followed after a takeover of the name change in Gtech Gaming. Since the complete workforce was taken over, GTech has no need for quality loss during software development.

Software of Boss Media / Gtechgaming

The software of Bossmedia / Gtechgaming is an absolute quality feature, because both graphics, as well as audio and game processes are at each casino game high-end. The following well-known online casinos and sports betting providers belong to the successful company:

  • Casino Club
  • Bwin
  • Poker
  • Interpoker
  • Sunset Casino

The global success of the company remained only because it has focused on the German-speaking market. In addition to the developed game solutions, the software company offers customer service and payment systems. The developers have developed a system called RNG, which guarantees a fair and transparent card distribution in card games. In addition, the software developer offers its customers a back-office system with the assignment of the game licenses. Here, customer data and payments are automatically handled. In addition, statistical data of the player will not only be conveyed for advertising purposes, but also for the respective player to evaluate their own strategy and game behavior. Especially in the area of roulette or poker, this is a non-underestimated bonus for players who are continuously working to improve their strategies.

Meanwhile, the BossMedia / Gtechgaming offers more than 100 casino games of different genres. Popular slot machines are, for example, Maya Gold or Treasures of the Pyramides. They are characterized by the elaborate, graphic design and numerous features. Bet and Win is one of the largest sports betting providers in the German-speaking area, which he did not least thank the comprehensive software solution of BossMedia.

What is special about BossMedia titles?

Not everyone knows Boss Media Games. Or do this only diehard casino sources who know how the bunny is running. One or the other casino games maybe you have already played, just do not know it anymore. Partly one knows the manufacturer of the casino games. We mention a few titles afterwards, maybe one that is familiar to you.

The special thing about the games is that the payout ratios are high. We can not name all here, but on average, the parties are above those who know so. In addition, the games work with their own random generator developed by BossMedia. This is not only used with slots. He is also used with blackjack tables and other games. So it is ensured that the casino game is fair.

Earlier you had to download the Bossmedia games to the computer, or the individual casinos. This is no longer the case. The games run how to get used to it today without problems thanks to HTML5 on all platforms. Whether all games are Responsive, we can not say. But a large part was retrofitted or. The new casino games come in this version anyway. Tip: Try it out in which you play the casino game for free in demo mode. Use the best of your mobile phone. Does it work and you can comfortably play, the real money mode is nothing in the way.

Casinos working with Boss Media or. Those who offer the BossMedia surface present a special highlight for players. For example, play data can be saved. Also statistics are available. If you like playing table games as roulette and blackjack, will love this feature. So one keeps the data to get and you can always improve.

Many games does not offer the provider on offer, around 200 are summarized. Important is the quality as we find and not the amount of games. Well-known titles are undergrowth Crazy Wizards, Plants of. Zombies, Wild Life, Knights of Glory, Maya Gold and Rocking Fruits. In terms of casino games, there are different offers across the bank. Again, we advise you, use the demo mode, the pages and play you. As soon as you like one, you can change to real money mode.

Where you can gamble the boss media games?

There are some online casinos that present this manufacturer. A well-known casino is, for example, the Casino Club, but this is just a lot. On our site we recommend further game banks, where you can register directly and go directly.

Unfortunately we can not tell you if everywhere the same game titles are available. Generally it may be that different versions are published. Not always the mission value agrees, this also changes minimal the RTP. The best way to read the payable or the definitely information. In case of ambiguities and questions, please contact the support, this can help you as well.

Is there a bonus for boss media games in the online casinos?

Here is like everywhere, most bonus offers apply to all manufacturers alike. If, for example, get a welcome bonus, you can usually redeem them anywhere. Excluded are only a few game titles and do this in the bonus conditions. If not there in the GameCasinos terms and conditions. Sometimes the online platforms give away free games or bonuses for specific titles. In the case, these are of course only with the selected casino games.

If you use a bonus? That's where you want or not you. Note that you have to play every bonus. Sometimes 20x, in other casinos 30x. If you receive a bonus of 100 euros, you must be at 20x to 2.Play 000 euros. At 30x this would already be 3.000 EURO. Sometimes they do not have a long time for that, so you should think well if you are grabbing a high bonus.

Pay attention to gains from free gild or no deposit bonuses usually only up to 100 euros. Except for almost always jackpots, but also here. This info must be in the terms and conditions. If not, then at 100 euros. Whether Boss Media is now or not, you will find out in the respective online casino. Have fun compare and good luck while winning.

The market position of the company

Although the software developer has focused mainly on the German-speaking countries and is very successful here, the developers have brought with the poker software to international fame. The International Poker Network of the Boss Media Group is one of the most popular poker spaces at all. Otherwise, the game titles are mainly found in German-speaking GameCasinos.

The software company has created a niche here and established itself there. Players can enjoy a high quality standard, high payout quotas and well thought-out concepts that Boss Media has developed in decades of experience.