B3W Group: The top software company on the web

The B3W Gaming Group is a successful software company in the industry of casinos. Founded in 1998, it can be established as one of the market leaders providers. The software company develops and distributes Software solutions In the field of online poker, online casino, sports betting and affiliate marketing. Meanwhile, a large number of Igamingsites all over the world have software from B3W.

About the B3Wgroup

The portfolio of the Gaming B3Wgroup is diverse and extends over any niche area in online casino gaming. Overall, the software company presents over 160 casino games produced by renowned developers, such as Nextgen, Leander, Igaming2Go, Quick Fire and Net Entertainment.

The software company develops multilingual solutions for casinos and focuses on high-quality machines, which graphically and audiotically pull the players in spell. There are in casinos slot machines and also casinetic, progressive jackpots, lottery games and video copers are equally covered by the offer of the B3WGroup.

B3WGroup software

The Gaming B3WGroup is not a self-employed software developer the legal requirements of the respective, but only a provider. The company develops individualized solutions for complex requirements of online casinos. However, the software of the respective provider must be adapted to EN licensors country.

As already mentioned, the B3W Group works together with the most famous developers in the industry and focuses only on the outstanding games. According to own data, the recording criteria is a fair distribution rate of profits. Normally, a quota from 95% in casinos is considered fair. This means that only 5% of the paid funds remain in online casino.

Further recording criteria in the stock of B3W are an excellent graphical and auditory representation. Casino software is subject to constant change, which is based on technological progress in the IT area. B3W selects the most successful and most popular casino games from the elaborate pool and offers this its customers in a processed complete package. In addition to the casino games, there are corresponding back office solutions, marketing instruments, customer service solutions and payment methods.

An emerging area in online casino is the dealer casinos with real dealers. In this sector, the provider is particularly well positioned. In full-definable HD representation, real dealers operate the table and are transferred as a livestream into the living room of the players. Poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as Baccarat and Punto Banco are part of the B3W Live Casino offer. But lotteries are also offered by the B3W. The dealers are usually dressed female and plotting, as they would expect from a real casino. The gaming experience is the most realistic casino gaming on the Internet, which allow the technical possibilities.

The marketing instruments that the B3WGroup teaches his customers include a comprehensive affiliate marketing software. This acquisition channel is popular in the online casino area and rewards both advertising and players with bonuses and special promotions.

The best slot machines from the B3W briefly presented

From B3W there are many casino games. All introduce here would blow up the framework, so we present you only the most important. As a result, you can make yourself a picture of whether you like the games or not. Tip: Play these in demo mode, where you can test everything without risk. If you are interested in it, the transition is nothing in the way.


A popular game is "Navy". How the name suggests, here you have to undergo a hard selection process. Small joke, of course it is not so difficult again. Anyway, the topic should be clear. The game is played on five rollers and 25 paylines. There are also two bonus games that make gambling even more interesting. The inserts are also variable. Between 1 to 10 coins per line can be set. You can also buy one up to 25 lines. A flexible game that makes fun.

Also a wild symbol is on board. The ship anchor sign acts as a joker and replaces all other symbols. This will increase the odds of odds. Also interesting is the Radar Hunt Bonus Games, which is then triggered as soon as five radar symbols appear on the lines. The Second Bonus Game, the Schlachschiff Game launches when three, four or five missile symbols appear. With this you can enjoy double player pleasures, so much is safe.

Mont Blanc

Another highlight is the game Mont Blanc, here you can enjoy breathtaking graphics and sounds that harmonize completely with each other. The game is played on five rollers and 25 paylines. There are also two bonus games. As with many other B3Wgroup, you can also select 1 to 10 coins per line. The number of lines can also be selected from 1 to 25. In addition to the classic symbols, there are sapin, which acts as a joker. If this appears on the rolls, it transforms other pictures and thus increases the chances of winning. Also in this game is a bonus game containing welcome in chalet game. For this purpose, 5 X symbols must appear for this to be triggered. For the Slalom Special Game in turn, you need 3.4 or 5 snow symbols. These must be on the adjacent rollers so that the special games are triggered.

Mafia boss

Granted, with the mafia no one wants to do. Unless this is a game in the online casino. Then the thing looks different. Here they play the big mafia boss and who knows, maybe they will disappear at some point with the coal. The game is played on five rollers and 25 paylines. In the game there are also two bonus offers. Choose 1 to 10 coins per line and opt for up to 25 paylines.

The Joker is displayed by the Cello Case icon and appears only on the second or fourth roller. The wild symbol is distributed on the complete roller and thus increases the chances of winning. Again, there are two bonus games. The Under Arrest Game starts when five newspaper symbols appear in casinos. The Pasta della Mamma Game is triggered when three, four or five pasta plate characters are displayed on three neighboring rollers. In the bonus Games you can take off a lot of profits. How much, do you know in the payable of the game.

Oriental Tiger

Would you like to play with a tiger in the casino? Then they are in good hands in Oriental Tiger. In this game you can bet 1 to 10 coins per line. In addition, up to nine paylines you can choose. There is a bonus game in the game itself, with which you can win 250 coins extra. Although the bonus games are not so exciting here, as with the abovementioned games, you can still start something.

Lucky Lucky

Know Lucky Luke? Who does not know him and from the B3Wgroup there is an associated slot game. The game is played on five rollers, 25 paylines and there are two bonus games. Choose 1 to 10 coins and set up to 25 lines to remain exciting. Lucky Luke and Dalton appear as wild symbols. These two act as a joker and replace all other characters. There is also the Rantan Plan bonus game when three, four or five rantan plan symbols on three neighboring rollers. In the bonus games you can enjoy even better winning opportunities.

tip: Zock all these games in demo mode or get a bonus in the online casino. For example, with a NO DEPOSIT bonus, play all these hits without risk, but still enjoy winning opportunities. Have fun trying!