Amaya Gaming Group: A software for modern times

Amayagaming was founded only in 2011 after being renamed Chartwell in Amaya and entered the market of online casino software with an attention-exciting acquisition in 2014. For a total of $ 4.9 billion, the software company, which develops and distributes gaming software, has the two poker portals of FullLT.COM and PokerStars.COM acquired.

Games from Amaya Gaming can be found in the following casinos

# Casino Max. bonus First payment bonus Match bonus to play
1 Cherry Casino 400US 200Kf 100% to play
2 Netbet Casino 200 $+ 50 free spins 200 $ 100% to play
3 Dream Vegas Casino 7000US+ 120 free spins 2500US 200% to play
4 Dunder casino 250US+ 120 free spins 250US 100% to play
5 Karamba 200Kf+ 100 free spins to play

The business segment of the provider includes the operation of own online portals up to the development of gaming slots for competing online casinos. Both poker software, as well as sports betting and typical gambling belong to the portfolio of the Amayagaming Group.

About Amaya Gaming Group

After the amayagaming inc. The largest takeover in the history of online gambling has been successfully mastered, the value of the share has increased by 300%. The seat of the software company is still in Montreal, Canada and the share is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Since then, the provider has been one of the largest software companies in the field of online casinos and focuses on the development of high-quality slot machines and online casinos. The focus is on a B2C (Business to Customer) approach. Over 68 million registered customers spend their free time with the gaming software of. Licensed is the software company on the Isle of Man. This may operate the software company in Malta, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Italy, France, Great Britain and Bulgaria. Since the takeover of the two well-known poker portals, 115 billion poker hands have already been dealt by Amaya.

Amaya GamingSoftware

The Amaya Gaming Group is one of the most innovative and extensive software developers of the casino industry. The portfolio is broad and exceeds the competing software manufacturer around lengths. Due to the acquisition, the focus is on the provider on the development of poker software, which should enable the player a unique gaming experience.

The special feature of casino software is the personalization systems of the slot machines. Personalized data are stored and the gaming software adapted to the gameplay of the player.

For other online casinos providers develop flexible luck solutions adapted to the respective local legislation of the license country. The implementation processes are handled within a short time thanks to the patented Rapid Game Deployment technology. Thanks to this technology, the software company is now represented on all five continents and has developed individualized solutions for a large number of money online casinos. The provider does not only develop slot machines, but also complete solutions for competing online casinos.

From backoffice solutions to the frontend development, the provider guarantees a high standard in the area of gaming software. In addition, the developers attach great importance to mobile applications, so that all B2C solutions are available in Flash mode via the common mobile devices, as well as by download. The Mosino Touchscreen Technology is another wondering of the Amayagaming Group. This touch-screen computer can be placed everywhere and is a comprehensive gaming computer that has a large range of Amaya Gaming products for both industrial use, as well as in the private environment.

What games does the provider in the portfolio have?

The most important thing about a playman are the games, otherwise this would make no sense in the back and the front. That's why we want to introduce you to the top money casino games. On the one hand, we tell you which title there is and on the other, what the provider scores. You may be surprised.

Probably the most famous are games like The Zombies, Wild Mummy, Sinful Spins, So Hot, Monkey Live and Captain Nemo. Also at the sector of the table games, the manufacturer presents some highlights. A well-known table game is under each other Three Card Poker.

Casino games with the highest RTP

Zocker are looking for games that have a high RTP because they think the best winning opportunities have. Of course, the higher the return to player, the more opportunities are there, but nobody should stiffen on the quotas.

In the end, the coincidence always decides when the rolls stop. Sometimes it takes 1.000 rounds, on other days, crack the jackpot with 10 cents. It can not be predicted. If one knew this in advance, the casinos would be bankrupt.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to orientate the RTP. If you would play a slot that has a 50% quota, you will definitely be worse than at a top game with 96%. We probably do not have to discuss that. Enough about the theory spoken. Now we would like to introduce you to the best casino games in the area. Vampire of the Werevolves comes to 98% and is considered one of the best slot machines in the casino industry, which proceeds the return to player. Thundering Zeus comes to 97% and Bullseye Bucky to 96.63%. Fortune Teller and Sinful Spins each have a quota of 96%. This value is on average and can be found in many games in the online casinos.

The highlights that the provider presents the Web

In the next few lines you will learn in which areas of the provider score. In addition to the slot games, there are other technical developments that the manufacturer accepts. The provider is one of those software companies that create their own brands and bring them to the market.

As we already mentioned, PokerStars belong in their hands. This was done by the Amaya Inc. Brought to life. The subsidiary is known in the industry and enjoys an excellent reputation. Amay not only presents the casino games, but a complete interface for business customers. Starting with gaming clients, support, payouts, bug fixes, administrations and other areas, you get everything from a single source. You as end customer will probably show little interest. Nevertheless, the information is important to see how to establish the manufacturer in the money casinabranche is. The PokerStars can over 400.Play 000 players at the same time and 60.000 watching at a single table. Over 137 trillion card sheets are available. How to see it is not a small page. The provider has created a new poker universe.

In addition to the poker games, there are also sports betting platforms where competition friends can bet on football, horses and many other sports offerings.

The amaya games briefly introduced

In this section we would like to show you on which highlights amayaslot games are based. Here is purely average values and not a certain game. With this information you will find if you like the matches of Amaya or not.

Mostly there are between three and five rolls. There are also slot machines with a paylines, or with up to 100. Some 5x4 slots even have more than 1000 paylines. Such games are generally linked to bonus games and free plays so that it remains exciting. At the 5 rolls slots, they win partly up to 100.000 coins.

Multipliers, free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols and other features are not uncommon in the games. To test the games, we recommend that you use the demo mode to use casinoys. There they gamble all the games for free and without risk. Like what you see, you can still change.

By the way, next to the slot machines and sports betting, you will also find Rubbellosis and Live Casino Games in the casinos. You can see, Amaya always endeavors so that customers receive new highlights and that it remains exciting.

Where is the provider licensed?

Last but not least, we would like to go to the topic of security. Licensed is the provider in several countries so that the gamers come everywhere at their expense. Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, Isle of Man, France, Estonia, Spain, Romania, USA and many others. Since the software company maintains various brands and subsidiaries, the appropriate permits must be available. Only then is a legal play possible.

Market position of Amayagaming

Since the acquisition, Amayagaming is definitely one of the "Big Players" in the online casino industry. The high standard of the Canadian software developers has given the company a fabulous call. Both the ease of use and the high safety standard make the playing of Amayasoftware for the absolute pleasure, both for beginners, as well as for professionals.

What else you should know

Amaya is not only built in the field of online casino. The company is also organizer of some international poker tournaments, such as the PCA in the Caribbean, the Appt in Asia or the Lapt in South America. The EPT is a European Poker Tour, which takes place in Monte Carlo, London, San Remo, Barcelona and Prague. Corporate Social Responsibility is capitalized at Amaya and the company is proud of its charitable efforts.