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The US lottery USlos has the monopoly for paper lottery tickets together with the Lottery Romande and Rubbellosis in USA. USlos has existed since 1937 and made many customers happy in all the many years. In this article, we introduce you to the USless Rubbellos monopoly and go to the unique offer. Learn what you can expect everything on the official site and get the best tips to get started.

Online rubbellosis, for example, here is here!

Facts and facts about the USless Rubbellosis in USA

Unlike Germany, there is no age limitation to get from Losen. USlos was founded in 1937 and is active as an intercantonal Lotto company throughout USA. The company has succeeded in holding the rapid development of the lottery games to keep up and it is also online.

The innovative capacity of the US company also contributes to the great success of USlos: 60% of gross player will be achieved by lottery games developed by USlos in the last 5 years. USlos can assert itself both with the loosen in paper form, but also with online scratchy. 8 billion US francs have been paid to the Lotto Players since its founding and created over 1000 millionaires. The activities of USlos and Lottery Romande are monitored by the Lottound Composts Commission Complot.

Why go to the US company?

If it's about why you should decide exactly for this provider, keep this information. Because the internet game king has a lot to offer.

The one is a multi-million heavy company, which makes the USless Jackpot numbers higher. By the size and variability through the many players automatically increase the chances of the main profit, as many people play in this provider.

Furthermore, the number juggler is very customer-oriented. For any concerns you always have a contact by simply filling out the online contact form or grab the phone. You can also just write a mail. Be it that you need information about participation conditions or draws or have special bonus or joker questions, you will always provide detailed information.

In addition, you can be sure that the drawings here are performed with highest care and security so that all participation conditions are met. The company is constantly expanding and ensures that you experience the best gaming experience.

Social commitment and profit are not a contradiction: USlos Happy Day

As an important US Lotto company, USlos takes his responsibility very seriously. More than 6 billion US francs have been invested in charity and more than 12.000 projects in the environmental, social or sports area were supported. Every day 1 million US francs are placed on the side for the good cause.

But also the game addiction prevention is USlos a concern and the cantons are financially supported at this work. Before playing, the player himself has to set budget limits for playing, which is a monthly limit of 2.000 francs can not exceed. As a prevention measure, USlos shakes only 50 to 65% of sales again than profits, as it proved that to promote frequent profits the gambling addiction.

Welcome to the USLos world

Since you are familiar with the big lottery provider from USA, we do not want to pretend you up-to-date information about the Internet game provider, because the millions company is always something going on!

In April 2020, an interesting story occurred, which is difficult to believe that she is true. A Citizen from Basel has bought one of the US lots and hit a good number combination, because he crashed the jackpot over a million US in Basel. However, the player never won his millions of US profit in Basel.

There are wild speculations why the player has not picked up his profit, but the fact is, he should ever get it out, he will be very annoying.

These gambling can be found at USlos

USlos offers much more than scrapbles. In this section we go briefly on the most important sub-items so you get a small overview. If you log on to the website, please contact the complete gambling world. Look forward to unique games.

USlotto: The US Lotto is the classic US lottery game where you sometimes can win several million US. To participate, select 6 numbers per lottery ticket and a lot of luck. The US Lotto draw takes place once on Wednesday and on Saturday. In addition to the classic lotion, you purchase online QuickTipps, Joker, SystemLotto bills and more. Visit the page and inform yourself about the possibilities.

Euromillion: In addition to the classic lotion, USlos also offers EuroLions. This is the European Lotto. The profit numbers are always determined on Tuesday and Friday in Paris.

In this variant you are looking for 5 numbers and two stars out. Since all of Europe deposits in the pot, the weekly win sales are relatively high. Also in Euromillions are system certificates, QuickTipps and other variants possible.

Jass: In the Jass Department, everything revolves around the famous US card game. Fans can participate and, of course, win cash. If you do not know Jass yet. Visit the website and read the rules directly online so you can start.

Bingo: Who does not know Bingo, the game where numbers are called and who fully has a series full is the winner. With USlos you will find various bingo premises in which you can play different variants. Sit at a table and experience exciting moments.

Clixx: This includes "loose", which are displayed in USlos a little more interactive than expected. Below we go closer to this topic and give you a small overview.

Sport tip: You want to bet your favorite team? USloss not only acts as an online loose seller, also find the best odds of the bookmakers. Whether tennis or football, here everyone finds his right forecast.

How to calculate your USlos win chance for betting

If you want to give a bet via USlos, we'll explain to you as you calculate your winning opportunities. Basically, the gain is always multiplied by the quota multiplied by your use. If it is combination betting, all quotas are multiplied together and at the end with the insert. Since the odds always change, we can not give you any concrete numbers. We'll give you examples, so you get an overview.

Single betUse x quote = profitExample: 10 Euro x 2 = 20 Euro
Combination Quote 1 x Quote 2 = total quota, total quota X insert2 x 2 = 4, 4 x 10 Euro = 40 Euro

In addition to the single bet and combination room there is a system bet. The potential profit depends on the system. Here it depends on how many quotas have been correctly predicted. These will be multiplied at the end with the betting insert. Since system betting are a bit more complicated, it is difficult to call an example. It depends on several factors that differ depending on the betart.

Which scratch can be found on USlos?

It is in the middle of the night and you want to acquire scratchcards? Thanks to USlos you do not have to go to the tank. Log in and rub online, as much as you like. Under the category Loose you will find a large selection of different offers. The oldest inciturious Happy Day is also there.

On the thumbnails you recognize at a glance how much money you can win with the respective lot. 77.000 US are possible, for example, at Rainbow. 180.000 US Get at Mega Podium and the dreamlos wave up to 2.000.000 US.

The costs amount to between 1 US and 25 US. The higher the price, the better profits are possible. Also, look forward to Super Cross Word, Win for Life, Poker, Magic, Super7, Monopoly and many more. For variety here is definitely taken care of. Tip: Test each single lot in demo mode. Nobody has to rub the cat in the sack. Buy only those Rubbellkarten you really like.

Clax: Rubbellosis once different

On the website of USlos there are next to the classic scrapbles, the Clix Games. The principle is similar, as with a lot, only that you have to do something that the profit amounts appear. Take as an example Money Park. It is a virtual fairground, where you can complete different trips.

Once you shoot on balloons or you drive with a ferris wheel. Whenever a balloon bursts, a number is revealed and as soon as you achieve three equal, you have won. The principle you know of the classic scratch card, with the difference that you do a little more than just rub here.

Visit the USos website and discover different adventures that you test on request in demo mode. Here nobody has to buy the cat in the sac. On the contrary. Try the different "Clix Games" for free until they are convinced. Fun is the most important factor in the matter. Invest only there your valuable money where you really have fun.

Discover the following games under each other:

  • Money Park
  • monopoly
  • Gold Fever
  • Beige
  • Slingo
  • Spin & Win
  • Funny Money

Each game turns a specific topic. At Monopoly you will find yourself again in a virtual monopoly world. At Gold Fever you are shouting gold and so on. We can not go into each game individually here, this would blow up the frame. That's why we advise you to visit the USLoss page and try it yourself.

Which loosers win the most?

On the website you will find a small profit statistics. There we could find that the rubbellos "Fodium" has caused 303 main hits since 2002, followed by millions with 158 main hit since 1999 and WinForlife with 110 main hit since 2002. Of course, smaller profits are achieved more frequently. Since it is gambling, you need it or luck.

Nobody knows who successfully frosts the next lot. Online loose are generated by the computer. Listen to your gut feeling and just look for those scratch cards that you attract personally.

Smartphone Apps for ClIX, EuroMillions, US Lotto, Jass and Sports Tip

A special feature of USlos is that there are individual apps for all the games offered, which you can download on your smartphone. These are available for iOS and Android. You will find the applications directly on the official US-Lot website.

Apart from that you can play your favorite games in demo mode or with real money in the app, you will receive the most important news. Learn the profit rates, profit numbers, see the respective jackpots and do not miss a highlight thanks to the push messages.

What advantages can be enjoyed with online scribbles?

In the 1990s, the first scratch cards came up. At that time you could only buy them on the kiosk or on gas stations. Loose of this kind can be given away well. For example, his birthday or New Year's Eve. The customers immediately fell in love with this new kind of gambling.

Unlike loans you just tear up, you have to invest a little work here. Each field ensures exciting moments that seem to never end. There are two equal amounts on the map, the tension is particularly large. The number also appears a third time? If so, you are allowed to look forward to this profit.

Meanwhile, the scratch cards are also available online. Probably the biggest advantage over the loose on the kiosk is that you can acquire this 24/7. Sometimes you get an inspiration in the middle of the night and would like to buy a lot immediately. This is thanks to the website or. Thanks to the app possible. Buy the scratch card directly in the app, the whole thing feels more real because you scratch directly with your fingers, instead of the mouse.

Unlike the paper version, you can test all lots online and discover for yourself. Who buys a lot on the kiosk, must pay this. The demo mode made such some happy. You look in advance what you get for his money and can prepare for possible profits.

On which websites you get also rubbing cards?

The official scratches are offered by USlos in USA. Of course there is one or the other online casino in which you will discover more lots. In the Dux casino and in the slot, we could already discover one or the other. Since more and more online gamebanks jump on the rubbing, they will be present in the future even more offers presented. Nevertheless, we recommend playing with USlos because the winning opportunities are most likely better.

Although we have no direct comparison, but official lottery companies are usually more acceptable quotas than online casinos. To know the exact value, we would have to know and compare the respective odds of the games. This is a bit difficult at the plent of loose. Since you should not rely on the RTP anyway, do not stay. Play where you feel most comfortable, then you have the best chances of winning.

Tips and tricks for your entry into the world of gambling

You want to participate in gambling? We give you a few tips to get started to find a better way through the jungle.

Take advantage of the demo mode: On the USos website you will find a demo mode in all areas you can use. Test the different scratch cards, play a round bingo or use the card game. Lotto does not need a demo mode. There should be clear that you select a certain number of numbers and tap.

Learn the rules online: USlos informs his games about all rules that are necessary. For example, if you want to set a system bet, you should read out in advance what it is about. On the website you will find a suitable reading on each topic. Here, the creators of the site truly bothered to make players well.

Use the app: Get the app on your smartphone so you are informed about the latest jackpots. Whenever you feel like a lot, your personal kiosk is in the pocket. If you want to know if your lottery ticket has won online at USLOSS, you will find the answer as well in the app.

Sit down a limit: When gambling you like to take on. We recommend that you consider how much money you can do. Sat down a personal limit so that they do not spend too much and get into the debt trap.

Recognize addiction potential: If you feel like you tend to addiction, find helpful addresses on the website. Please contact the customer service that can also lock your account. It is important that you are looking for help quickly and do not put your head in the sand.


May German customers play at USlos?

No, only US customers are admitted to USlos. German players do not have to do without lotto. Finally, there are a lot of lottery in Germany where you can find similar games. Sign up there and play legally in your country so you enjoy all the benefits.

How much is a lottery tip at USlos?

A tip costs 2.50 US, but the minimum service is at 5 US. The more you do properly tap, the more you gain in the draw. If you decide for EuroMillions, a tip costs 3,50 Euro.

Since when will Lotto be offered in USA?

US Lotto is offered since 1970 in USA. From 42 numbers are drawn 6 lucky numbers. In the past one could buy the types of wrote at the Lotto sales office. US Lot has had an online appearance for several years, where you can easily buy the bills.

When will the lotteries take place?

There is a US-free draw Wednesday and Saturday. On Tuesday and Friday the euromillion lottery takes place. Meanwhile you can participate almost the whole week of lottery games.

At what time does the US-free draw take place?

US-free draw time is on Wednesdays at 21:40 and Saturdays at 19:20. Note the respective closing date that stands on the website.

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