Mobile Casinos - Why this development equals a revolution

VR Casino users with VR glasses and jetons

Although the trend of the online casinos is still relatively new and even the Internet has no 30 years on the hump, we are currently witnessing further development - namely the mobile casino! The top casino providers have already recognized the demand for mobile gaming early and every provider who keeps something on themselves offers this day already offers a mobile app for its offer. It is a logical consequence of the inevitable, because we already use our cell phones today as navigation systems or. to pay or for online banking - why not also to gamble?

What are the differences between a mobile casino and a classic online casino?

Mobile phone as a one-armed band

The first online casino providers still had problems of bandwidth, D.H. the transmission speed of the internet struggling - a flash player or an electronic purse (e-wallet) has not yet existed in the early days. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of Steve Jobs, we have experienced a small revolution with the smartphone and thanks to progress in information technology, more and more mobile phones could keep up with modern computers in the last 10 years - the foundation stone of mobile gaming was thus laid.

"In a similar manner, Netent introduces one of his most famous and most popular slots, namely Gonzo's Quest ™, soon as a VR variant on the market."

For the time being, the online casinos left it to offer a mobile version of your website so that the clientele by mobile browser could use a kind of minversion of the actual site. However, one had to make some smears at this "slimmed page", because not all functions or games could be integrated into this. Due to the rapid spread of Android or. The Google Play Stores has now been possible for Casino providers to enable their services through a mobile application as a full-fledged software for the mobile phone - the birth of the actual mobile casino!

Thus, providers such as MR Green or Leovegas could already program a high-quality app early on, which allowed the players, also from on the way from. Use mobile device to indulge your favorite show. In addition, one extended the potential customer circle to persons who do not have a PC or laptop or. A lot on the road - it is finally a matter of comfort, because whoever drags his laptop constantly with it?

Which developments are still before? What else can slot lovers expect?

Like many other IT areas, the online gambling sector is significantly influenced by developments in the virtual reality (VR). Similar to the 3D or HD televisions, the potential of the VR for mobile online gaming is immense. So we have already followed the exciting cooperation between Netent and Mr Green, which recently introduced a 3D casino under the name "Live Beyond Live Casino". For us it was particularly interesting to determine that this innovation was not available as expected for the desktop, but exclusively for mobile devices, so mobile phones and tablets.

VR eyewear users with Gonzo of Netent

In a similar manner, Netent has to bring one to its most famous and most popular slots, namely Gonzo's Quest ™, shortly as a VR variant. So we will experience it soon that you can already play a 3D slot via mobile phone, which promises not only rotating rollers, but can shape an interactive experience. Of course, it will remain a kind of slot, but the possibilities of influencing are almost limitless.

With increasing mobile internet coverage and more and more powerful mobile devices, this development is a logical consequence of the possible. Although we had to experience the Netent 3D Casino Netent 3D Casino presented by MR Green, the 3D casinos or complications. VR machine games are becoming more and more sophisticated and the voltage resp. Direct the fun to new levels.

We will definitely keep an eye on this trend and inform you about it.

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