Gamification in Online Casinos - what is it about?


If you have a lot in Casino On the way, they have certainly heard something of the term gamification. But even if that is not that, it does not matter. Because we always have all the information you need. Through the Gamifaction you can receive additional profits and bonuses.

"If a player has reached a certain score, there is a reward."

What is Gamification at all?

The term is originally available for decades. However, use in online casinos is something new.

If you look at the good old one PAYBACK card thinks, this is nothing but a kind of gamification. This is a marketing strategy to bind customers to themselves, as well as to increase the motivation of customers regarding the product.

Also in the area of gaming, the term is nothing new. Here was then more recruited with new levels, equipment and characters.

The gamification in online casinos

In online casinos there are different ways to jump on the train of the gamification. We introduce these in more detail below.

The point system

What most casinos offer for this is one Point system. Here, the more you play, the more you fill your score. Very easily.

If a player has reached a certain score, there is a reward. There are different types of gifts:

  • A turn on the fortune wheel
  • Bonus
  • Cashback
  • Free games

Go on adventure trip

Other casinos are a bit more imaginative and send their players to an adventure trip.

There are no limits, whether they are now through the universe on a mission or play through an adventure country, is at the discretion of the casino.

Again, the more you play, the more exciting it will. With each level you have to fulfill new tasks and continue to move through the adventure.

Slot duel in casinos

Another highlight that has happened in casinos are Games duels. There are excellent tournaments where players can compete against each other.

Mostly, slots are provided for this. Your progress will then be held in a ranking and you can see where you are.

For the winner there is a big price at the end of the tournament.

Gamification of games

Also, the games in casinos themselves are involved here. Also makes sense, as these are finally the swivel and pivot of a casino and the reason you can log in at all.

Games themselves should also be made more exciting. This will be again different means used. In games, for example, different levels are installed.

Again, the more they play, the better they cut off. The further you get, the harder the next level can be reached. But you can win more with each other level. So it's worth it, to stay here on the ball.

Depending on the provider and game you have different offers. Each game is thus individually more exciting for you as a player.