When is Virtual Reality?


Virtual Reality - or just VR - has long been a common term. A few decades ago, an exciting picture of a possible future was painted in science-fiction comics and films, in which VR has revolutionized the daily lives of people. Meanwhile, VR is no longer just a product of imagination, but reality - and online gaming giants like, for example Microgaming And Netent slowly bring the latest VR technology to the online casinos. How long before, until VR our gaming experience is completely changed?

What is Virtual Reality?

Everyone probably has a vague presentation of VR, but what enables this technology today, according to the current state in 2020? The goal is clear: By VR it should be possible, a player to convey the impression to be in a parallel reality, which is completely based on software and should be as realistic as possible. In order to irritate as many senses as possible simultaneously with the virtual impressions, were Special VR headsets developed, which looks a bit like a huge, futuristic-looking glasses. The current models of VR Headsets are, for example, the Oculus models of Facebook, Vive of HTC or the Sony PlayStation VR Sets. Anyone who has ever seen a movie in 3D by a normal 3D glasses can imagine how to see one of these VR headsets. In addition to the High-resolution visual impressions you also hear coordinated audio noises. To navigate you have a special controller in the hand.

With these headsets, so you see and hear the virtual world and can look at it 360 degrees, ie all around, and interact with it - for example a virtual casino!

"Slots Million and MR Green are two of the most famous online casinos that already offer a VR area."

Microgaming and Netent have already started

Microgaming has always been one of the big pioneers in the industry of online gaming. Therefore, it is not surprising that this company was what Five years ago, the first VR game for online casinos Developed: Microgaming VR Roulette.

The Swedish group Netent soon followed in a similar way in which one for the two Top Netent Slot Machines Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo's Quest VR Variants developed. Gradually, followed by other games, including starburst, Piggy Riches, Reel Rush and Secret of the Stones. PlayTech has also been investing very much in VR for some time and trying to promote this niche of the online casino entertainment.

The thing thus develops steadily in recent years - but also fast enough? Why is VR still not widespread in the online casinos - How does it hang?

Technology in the child shoes

So revolutionary and exciting it also sounds to bring VR to the online casinos and so maybe make the online casinos much better - just is not the matter. There are several obstacles. On the one hand is the technology itself. Until recently, our Current state of development just not good enough - poor image quality, too slow data transmission, climbs of movement disease among users. Even now, the technology is in the child shoes and there is still a further way before the developers.

But even if the perfect VR headset exists - you still need games that are compatible with it. The offer of the VR games in the online casinos Although it is greater, however, the normal play can not exceed the water. Finally, as a player, you need more than three games to have enough variety. Even online casinos, which offer these games, just hardly exist.


When we are at the topic: Slots Million and Mr Green are two of the most famous online casinos that already offer a VR area. If you are curious, you can look around there - that's however possible without a suitable headset. However, the complete VR experience unfolds.

Still too expensive - but that will change

The biggest obstacle for a wide distribution of VR in online casinos is probably the fact that this adventure just very expensive is. Not only for the developers and manufacturers, but also for each individual player. Without a top-modern headset, VR does not play, of course, and this equipment alone can cost over 500 euros. Often the users will be dizzy when playing, and the headsets are still difficult. Of course, the thing is not on the way - A weighty argument, because mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular.

There is still that hardly anyone has a computer that is technically good for the demanding VR technology. Of the Processor would have to be as strong about seven times As with a today's average computer. Powerful CPU, graphics card, and different connectors are needed, and a computer that meets such technical requirements, costs several thousand euros. Even those players who have the necessary change, find the few until now existing VR games simply not worth this effort.

Internet bandwidth is another problem that will probably solve yourself as soon as G5 Internet spread. We are sure that this will also give the VR play in online casinos a boost. The thing is definitely going on, and we are sure that it is will not take a long time until VR for the Mainsteam players more accessible will.