Let yourself be taken from the world of animals: the top 3 of the animal slots in casinos

The best slots in the casino

As good as everyone has at least a favorite animal, if not more. Again, some favorite animals have, whether real like a dog or butterfly or invented like a unicorn. The games manufacturers have animated a slot for every taste and makes us dive to cold days, with our favorites in the world of gambling.

Dive with Royal Unicorn ™ into the world of fairies and magic

Royal Unicorn slot

With the enchanting animation you can easily escape the everyday stress and immerse yourself in the magical world of unicorns and fairies. You can play here with up to 11 paylines and thus achieve high profits. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to multiply your profits through the gamble function. The different bonus symbols switch free games and very high profits free! at Yeti Casino You can try this enchanting game.

On into the glamorous world of Diamond Dogs ™

Diamond Dogs Slot

Nowadays almost every household has a dog and Netent was so friendly to bring us our favorites in a luxurious version on the screen. With cool animations and bonuses, this slot scores very big with us. From 1-to 25 betting lines you can check your missions well and decide yourself how far you want to go. The various bonus games are triggered by the many symbols and includes a paparazzi game where you can play the paparazzi and can get extra credit through the photographing of the right dogs.

With Buffalo Rising Megaways ™ in the world of wild animals

Buffalo Rising Slot

Probably there is no one in Germany who has a bear, wolf or moose as a pet. Through the slot of BTG we can get the dangerous animals on the laptop and dive from there in their wild world. Even mega profits through various bonus symbols, is possible and the free spins come with cool animations and you can multiply its profit up to 10 times and get free spins.

Have you feel like getting the slots away once? Then they play in Yeti Casino with a 100% bonus up to 777US + Extra 100 free.