Top 3 Retro Slots: Wake it with these three slots nostalgic memories

Flying chessboard

No matter what a classic is a classic, the software manufacturers certainly have a developer who feels exactly the same. Thanks to these nostalgic employees, we can now play our favorites in virtually any online casino and even win with them.

The Phantom`s Curse ™ - a slot based on the opera

The Phantoms Curse Slot

The movie or at least the opera knows as well as everyone. And now has Net also brought a slot out! The phantom and Christine bring the highest payout value, following a ring, rose, mirror, knife and other symbols. Again, there are wild symbols that replace all other symbols. Here you play with five rollers and four paylines. On 40 profit lines you have the chance to get rich. Bonus games are unlocked by the stacked symbols. When the scatter icons appear, free plays are activated.

Who Wants to be a millionaire ™?

Who Wants to be a millionaire slot

Who would say no on this question? We did not all sat next to our grandparents and advised when the famous show came in the TV? Now BTG has fulfilled us a wish and conjured us the classic on the screen. With free spins that have an unlimited profit multiplier. A hot fit and win up to 50 free spins, the Hot Seat is triggered by three milliire icons. And another special feature are the Megaways ™, every win triggers a reaction. Which questions? Play in the Yeti Casino and find it out! There is also an extra payline, add a symbol to the line about it.

Battleship ™ - the classic board game as a slot

Battleship slot

How many times have we played battleship in our children's rooms against our siblings or on the schoolyard? Probably often enough that only at the thought of this exciting war game, nostalgic memories come up. Presumably, the software manufacturers have thought exactly the same thing and therefore brought out an absolutely incredible slot, which is modeled on the game. But instead of the ships to sink his "enemies", you sink here ships to get free spins. To get these free spins, you need a bore, which is a "target symbol". These are fired on the ships over the rollers. With 6 rollers and 7 rows you have more playground, than at ordinary slots.

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