Tahiti Gold - The continuation of Ecuador Gold was released

Tahiti gold

ELK Studios made it again - another game release has been released today and we are just as impressed as always. Read in our article all about Tahiti Gold - The King's Return.

The king has returned - Tahiti Gold is the second game in a trilogy

We have discovered Kane's beginning of this spring in the game Ecuador Gold. There we were with Kane in South America, where we found a temple far in the darkness of the jungle. After this discovery, Kane is on the way home to take a well-deserved break. But fate wants to be different and the plane crashes on a volcanic island in the middle of nowhere. He only manages to leave the plane before exploding it.

"The king is back!"

Kane notes that he is surrounded by locals, which are anything but friendly. Until you see his Eye of Tiki Tattoo on a shoulder. The king is back! Kane discovers that his kingdom has gold in abundance. The myth also states that the core of the volcano consists of pure gold ..

Let's take a look at the game specifications

Just like Ecuador Gold, the ELK Studios have equipped this game with an avalanche function. This means that the symbols fall from above and not from the wheels. Every winning combination of symbols explodes and leaves room for new symbols. In the theory, it means endless aftershaves. With each avalanche added another series, with up to 8 rows and 262.144 (!) Sweeping.

Eye of Tiki Receive two of this symbol and its function is activated at the end of an avalanche. Symbols beside or between these symbols explode and leave room for new symbols. Adds a new line. Here you can win many additional profits!

Wild forge symbol, that can land on the rollers 3 and 6. All symbols below will become wild during an avalanche. These wilds become sticky, which significantly increases their winning opportunities. If you land a wild blacksmith in the top line, you get 7 wilds!

Big symbols All icons are available in different sizes from 1x1 to 4x4. They are the biggest they want to land as they are considered 16 standard symbols!

Psst - we still have one thing we can look forward to!

A bird (Elk Studios itself ...) Has confirmed in our ear that this is a trilogy of games. If we wait a moment, we can also play on Voodoo Gold. Of course we will return as soon as this game is published.