Game halls suffer from coronavirus


The world is currently in the date of emergency. The media are full of it, fear spreads the economy suffers - the speech is of course currently spreading coronavirus. The gaming industry is also affected.

Where did the virus actually come from?

The type of virus known as Coronavirus is available for a long time, but the species is genetically extremely variable and therefore there were cases in the past in which the Virus mutated and so a hitherto unknown, more dangerous variant was created. Some may remember the SARS Pandemie from the years 2002/2003 - that was also a family member of the coronavirus group.

The currently afraid and scarring variant of Coronavirus probably developed on a fish market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. These fish markets are known for that here Many different types of animal meat can be processed under hygienic questionable states. Such places offer an ideal way for viruses, mutate and spread from one way to the next. Spreading is now the keyword: How a normal flu also will transmit the novel coronavirus as droplet and lubrication infection. For this reason, people who are infected or believe it should wear a mouthguard and isolate themselves from other people as possible.

Globalization: The virus goes all

"In the Czech city of Rozvadov there is the King's Casino, which has denied access to Italian players since this week."

In today's era of globalization, it seems impossible to stop a virus like this. The biggest problem is probably the length of the incubation time - ie the period that elapses between infection and first occurrence of symptoms. At the coronavirus, this period is two weeks - that means you have the disease and can infect others without knowing it?.

For this reason, large events are currently canceled worldwide and places where many people gather are closed until further notice. This also applies to gambling halls and casinos. After so many people in Italy have infected with the virus, one reacts in USA and Austria - after all, both countries are immediate neighbors.

Through countries & neighbors of Italy: USA and Austria

USA and Austria are in a particularly critical situation, as they are a direct neighbor of Italy and, on the one hand, act as a passageway. Not only tourists, but also business people and freight traffic - every day, many people of Italy rummage through USA and Austria to the north, to Germany and other adjoining countries. But many people also come directly to the Alpine countries - after all, the beautiful area is a popular tourist destination. Not only is the virus dangerous, it also has a negative impact on the economy.

In USA itself there was at the time when this article was written, almost 500 confirmed cases of Covid-19 diseases. It is discussed whether to seal the border with Italy, although it was already designated and sealed as a restricted area.

Country-based casinos take measures

In the Czech city of Rozvadov there is the King's Casino, which has been denied access to Italian players since this week. The ban on house is controversial, because eventually there are Italians who live in the Czech Republic - and people of other nationalities that have recently stopped in a risk area.

That Grand Casino Basel has canceled upcoming concert events, respectively. postponed. The doors for players are still open. Also the Theater Casino in Zug said a Contemporary Dance event.

The famous poker tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP), which is held around the world, could be partially canceled because of the virus.

At Casino Lucerne there were many cancellations of leases of halls and other premises.

You will Waiting how the situation develops. So much so it annoys if everything is canceled and everyone should go into isolation at home - it's the only way to stop the pandemic or. curb. Until then, one hopes that everything will soon calm down.