Record jackpot at Mega Moolah

Mega moolah

Everyone dreams of it: winning a really thick jackpot in gambling and never need to work again. Finally, something can afford and let his wishes come true - a new car, the mortgage deposit, a world trip on your own sailboat. To be too good to be true? No, it does not just happen in the fairy tale, but is also in US casinos possible.

It can go that easy

A then 26-year-old Briten in 2015, the most popular online slot Game Mega Moolah has been a very good luck in 2015 and brought him such a huge gain that he was even registered in the Guinness Book of Records - as The largest jackpot payment in an online slot game of all time.

We speak here of a sum of 17. 879.645, 12 $. Now probably every online slot machine players play players first before envy. Therefore, we go to detail here, as it could come to such a profit at all - a dream story of life before and then.

"After already 25 minutes the screen began to flash, a big wheel turned - and Heywood was suddenly multi-millionaire."

Who is this lucky mushroom?

Who was this Jon Heywood before his life-changing million profit? An ex-soldier, who recovered from his experiences in Afghanistan, lived in Cheshire and held himself with a minimum salary of water.

Mr Heywood announced in October 2015 at the online casino provider Betway. After a deposit of the 30 British Pound he began, with each 25 PENCE inserts on the popular microgaming slot mega moolah to play. After already 25 minutes the screen began to flash, a big bike turned - and Heywood was suddenly multi-millionaire. It went so easy, because happiness was HOLD.

The life after

The first reaction was, as expected, shock. He even went to work the next day and kept the news for three days for himself. After that, the great excitement and joy came through; Heywood should not have slept well allegedly nights. However, in his sleepless nights, he forgued even selfless plans after winning He wanted to invest the money first and foremost in first-class medical treatment for his father, who was waiting for a cardiac and lung transplantation. The young man was clear: No money in the world is so much worth a healthy, happy family.

New beginning with cool head

After that, however, he exchanged his Fiat Punto against a yellow Bentley Continental GT and took his family with a Mediterranean cruise. However, if you think now that he is on the Maldives vacation for the rest of his days, they will be surprised. Jon Heywood announced his bad paid job, However, after a break, he began to renovate houses for resale - though that really does not have to. If that is not an example of a down-to-earth person with cool head and functional value compass! We find MR Heywood deserves his luck well and hope that many more players will share his fate.