PLAYBOY ™ Slot of Microgaming: Leave the bunnies

The Playboy Slot of Microgaming

66 years ago, an outcry ran through, the still very conservative population of America. Because Hugh Hefner had launched the first issue of his Playboys ™. The first model was no other than Marilyn Monroe that this cover was edited. Today, the inventor of the Bunnies is no longer alive, but his legend lives on. thanks to Microgaming we can be part of this life.

In 2013, Microgaming has been together for the first time with the Playboy ™ team ..

... the first slot came out, the yeast can live on legend. Prepare for an exciting ride, which will be passed through the lifestyle of the bachelor. You find here girls, fast cars and casino chips. Something that will make this slot especially attractive for the players who like to live on the fast lane. In the 5 rolling game there are 243 ways to win. The different bunnies turn free games in which they Win up to 303,750 slot coins can. Turn the "Playboy Clup Bonus" game free, you will be invited to the "Playboy Club".

And here you can choose between different ladies:

  • Kimi - This bonus girl is available right at the beginning and awards 10 free spells, with the profits multiplied by all times 5.
  • Sofia - This lady is available for 5 bonus rounds and you will unlock 15 free spells and a running wild feature.
  • Ashley - This Bunny is available after your 10th visit and will give you 20 free games. Here all winning symbols are dissolved so that new downflights can occur and more winning combinations. For this all profits are multiplied by 5.
  • Jillian - After 15 visit this bunny is put to your side. It will allow you 25 free spells, including a wild night features. This feature will give you massive opportunities to win the Big Bonus Boost!

The rounds are worthwhile, not only because of the legendary Bunnies

Playboy online slot

Choose with how many coins and their value you want to play and already it can start. To be honest, this slot could have been a catastrophe if he had not been done properly. But as with the magazines, Playboy ™ has the Right software provider Selected to bring the legend to the casino.

The design was not ordinary, but very tastefull designed. This is the only thing that is "over the top" here is the potential a maximum profit of 300.To win 000 coins. But something had to be exaggerated at Hugh.

Get the 600 US - 200 free play bonus and bleed with Dunder

The slot teaser says everything else!