Online casinos will be legally in Germany - New Gambling State Treaty


Who has not warned? The German federal states have published the draft for the new Gambling State Treaty a few weeks ago, which should enter into force in June 2021. Online casinos So finally and definitely be legal, but probably also regulated strictly - and that also affects the players.

German supervisory authority should clean up

Germany finally takes responsibility and take care of the German online casino players who had to live with a situation that is shaped by uncertainties. Is now legal to play as German in online casinos, yes or no? A clear answer would have been too nice, but Our state needed many years longer than other EU countries like Malta. In Malta, there has been a state gambling regulatory authority for almost 20 years, which takes over not only for the terrestrial market, but also for the now huge industry of online gaming responsibility. From summer 2021, there is to be a gambling regulating authority in Germany, which awards licenses for the protection of the players and their rights rather than State Office guarantees seriousness and security is.

The German federal states have agreed that these New authority is based in Saxony-Anhalt but should be responsible for all Germany. Several hundred employees should ensure that the German state no longer closes the eyes before the online gaming industry, but finally one Active role within the industry will take over - as that for an economic power like Germany has already heard.

"From summer 2021, there is finally a gambling regulating authority in Germany, which awards licenses for the protection of the players and their rights and is a guarantee of seriousness and security as a state office."

Germany - all control freaks?!

Germany finally makes something - and according to the cliché of the conscientious and bureaucratic Germans, everything will now be made 100% correctly, ie: if the German state regulates, but right!

Even though in principle is a good cause, the publication of the draft for the new Gambling State Treaty has provoked a lot of criticism, because especially the planned requirements for player protection are extremely strictly.A veritable outcry and also a lot of ethnic leacher causes the planned deposit limit. Every German player should only be able to deposit a maximum of 1000 euros online - so the loss limit is also limited to 1000 euros, which man Gifts to keep in front of the worst .

Beautiful intentions, but what about the people who just have more money and also want to relax, such as high scooters or simply people who play a lot? For those people, 1000 euros is nothing and they can also afford - but will still be affected by the deposit limit. And generally it is just annoying, if you have the father state prescribed for what you may spend how much of your own money.

Privacy or player protection?

Although it is a good and long-awaited development, we look at the implementation of plans and ideas that emerge from the Gambling State Treaty Draft, with mixed feelings - And probably the whole community of the German online casino players. why? Because the new legislation provides for a few regulations that serve players protection, but at the same time very extremely and hindrance to the privacy of the players and also their game behavior intervene.

For example, the German gambling regulatory authority should have the right and duty, to collect all personal data of each German player, who has registered in one of the online casinos regulated by Germany. The providers themselves are required to relieve all data to the authority, so employees have access to a huge, central database of all German players and their activities. Data protectors are instructed about it of course.

If that works out?

This question can not be answered yet - you will just have to wait. Many speculate that the Design also revised again will. This will have to happen at the latest if German players escape the new conditions by continuing "illegally" the offers from online casino providers from abroad, which will not have German license and therefore not the data of the players with the new German supervisory authority must be shared. As the state is approaching this behavior, it remains to be seen - but exciting it remains definitely and we are not trying to be forgotten to look forward to our new law: Finally, online gambling will finally and officially legalized, and we have on it already been waiting for years!