Valley of the Gods: An adventurous journey through the valley of the gods

If someone asks you if there is an online slot who has made you a comprehensive insight into the world of pharaohs in the course of your player's cartoon, then the answer would be certainly clear: Book of Ra!!! But now with Valley of the Gods, a slot that promises you a lot of other treasures on your adventurous journey to Egypt. the Creative Developers of Yggdrasil Gaming have a game provided with this slot full of enigmatic and stimulating secrets that applies to exploring it. Our test results suggest that this is a unique and unprecedented slot yet. With the new slot machine from YGGDrasil Gaming, the history of Egypt is rewritten.

Valley of the Gods promises infinite many re-spins, extra life and multipliers

Valley of the Gods by Yggdrasil Gaming

Valley of the Gods offers with its 5 game rollers, instead of just 3, more opportunities to get profits. It has a unique 1-3-5-3-1 layout for its rollers. The various symbols of animal hieroglyphs and pictures of Egyptian deities reflect the antique design of this game. Another highlighting aspect is the great re-spins function. This gives you a free spin at each payout. A process that can be continuously continued until finally a lap is lost. There is also the possibility to expand the rollers during the game. Every winning combination every single icon in these paylines will release a leaf horn beetle, which then destroys a blocker.

This leads to even more winning opportunities and additional payouts. As we know, not every slot multipliers offers, but Yggdrasil Gaming did not want to do without Valley of the Gods. If you create it to eliminate all the blockers, additional profits, such as extra life or multiplicators are awarded. Every fifth red aphid beetle enriches you with another life that allows you to get more re-spins and even with a lost round. In addition, you will receive additional multipliers with every fifth blue leaf horn beetle. Who can resist?

Valley of the Gods is a successful slot of what he promises

All in all, the Valley of the Gods offers a lot of innovative and unique features. A good opportunity to go into the valley of the gods and to look for buried treasures. The game gets a very big enthusiasm paired with a very high thrill. Our conclusion: horny game!