Blueprint Gaming makes it crack - the "naked cannon" beats again!

Frank Drebin is back on the hunt for Vincent Ludwig, Quentin Hapenburg and Rocco Dillon! He rubbed his nose red and fell a football injury and entertains us like then. Blueprint Gaming has again adapted a cult movie for a slot machine. After "Austin Powers" and "Ted" is now the "naked cannon". We have a brief look at the new release and hope that the charm, dry humor and the music are optimally inserted into a humorous game fun and will not disappoint us!

"The naked cannon has and moved in the movie right at first and brought us to smile!"

My name is Frank Drebin from the special unit!

Like most movie adaptation to a slot machine, Blueprint Gaming has done a lot of thought about the design of "The Naked Gun". The field is held in the Klasian 3x5 format and has 20 paylines. The insert margin extends from 0.20 coins to 200 coins per game run. A messy police station office forms the backdrop to the rolls, which include lower playing cards plus four symbols from the film. The most rewarding are Jane Spencer (Priscille Presley) and Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen), which leave up to 200 coins per profit line. The "Naked Gun" logo is very valuable, 400 coins you get when you can make a 5 series. The police serene is the wild icon and replaces all other symbols. The other film characters on the rolls are Vincent Ludwig, the villain from the first part, and of course the boss of Frank Drebin, Captain Ed Squat. If you get the right combinations, you can experience four different free spins, which we just want to call here: Home Run, Stake Out, On the Edge and Crime Scene. Of course, these are also held by the individual winning opportunities, again very detailed to the pilot film of the naked cannon and act very entertaining. As a special plus, Bluepring Gaming's new slot machine is integrated in the Jackpot King network. More often you will see the symbols of the Jackpot King over the rollers fly. At five, another game mode comes where you try to get so many crowns in succession in succession that you can call your jackpot your own!

Now a Sleumi-fix and off to bed!

A massive profit in the special rounds!

Blueprint Gaming is a good adaptation succeeded, which sprayed a lot of nostalgia and memories. The free play modes are well thought out and the progressive jackpot are very grandiose features. Unfortunately, there are also a few smears. The music starts with each "spin" from the front and is not consistent. For the individual special games that is beautifully solved, but in simple game mode it can be a bit annoying with the time. For this we missed a few characters, such as North Mountain. The slot machine is already mood and who really wants to win something is also at the right address. We can stay tense, then Bluegaming obviously dealt only with the first part of the film series, maybe there will be a successor this year?