Jurassic World - a new dinosaur slot of microgaming

Microgaming has a new slot that kidnaps us into the original time. With the new slot we make a trip to the dinosaurs in the famous Jurassic park. We all love urgain animals and can not expect it now, when finally open the parks and we can fall into the adventure. Jurassic World is certainly not the best movies of all time, but Microgaming has skillfully taken out the most important and exciting aspects and shaped their unique video slot Daruas. Microgaming provides us with a lot of different game options and expands once more its repertoire.

The game is graphically very demanding, but still it is sad that there is no worn and new bonus features. There are no small annoying children jumping over the picture wall, Microgaming deliberately renounced this part. On the 07. June was already published the game and now will show how far the game will bring, or if it's just back soon and no one is interested in it.

Jurassic World was announced in 2016

Microgaming had already announced the ideas for such a game in 2016 and therefore suggests that they had enough time had to come up with something great. However, Microgaming is not the first manufacturer who comes with the idea of a video slots on the original giant. The slot was called wild excursion and was also published only a few months ago and is thus still new to the market.

The fascination and enthusiasm for the prehistoric creatures was always there anyway, and even if we hear ourselves in us, we have to admit that we have a weakness for them and we are excited about it.

The sales model is called dinosaurs - large animals, big profits?

Jurassic World of Microgaming

Dinosaurs are the figurehead, because dinosaurs are as great as the prices will hopefully be themselves and great prizes are the same great fun. The video slot has great 243 paylines and consists of a simple five rolling slot. The setting of the game presents a water park. On the rolls are all film signs and different symbols of dinosaurs. During the game, there are great sound recordings from the original Film Jurassic World. There is the possibility to select between three freesping rewards and also have many multipliers on us when we enter the addition feature. The best part is that each of these features has its own video clip and shows the best movie scenes. Insegor is this video slot for everyone, and with great security for those who do not keep much of dinosaurs in parks.