Internet censorship and digital foreclosure: is the US future?

I would have been told a year ago that a western country like USA in January 2018 Internet censorship For online casinos, I would probably not even believe it. But today I have to say to my horror that this is not a joke. The US federal government actually takes all the efforts to castrate the Internet. I do not know a single country in Europe, which enrolls me which music I may hear on the internet, which car dealer I have to visit in the net or at which casino I should play and in which, of course, unfortunately not illegal machinations behind it or online gambling in principle is prohibited in a particular country. But it looks almost as if I had been too good in this matter too good faith. It has more and more likely that parts of our western values, including information freedom, should now be replaced in small yet effective steps by a systematic limitation of their own decisions. And that gives us a lot of reason to think.

USA is shortly before a new at the same time very controversial money

In USA, in 2018, the new money-making law should come into force, which means that only US online casinos can offer games. All other casinos are blocked and can no longer be retrieved from USA. This is of course a hub for foreign operators and online casino players who feel comfortable on foreign sides.

But there are people in USA who do not simply accept such a change so and so fight four young parties of SVP, FDP, GLP and the Greens against the new money match law and have taken a referendum against such a law. Because they believe that would be the beginning of internet censorship.

Does not take everything that way!

We share your worries and do not find such a decision in order. Actually, this is even a mess to lock content from providers, so that other providers can benefit from it in USA. Today it is (only) the (online) casinos. But tomorrow it could already affect Amazon and others, which would not be accessible in USA anymore. The committee against Internet censorship and digital foreclosure already shows in the network increasingly presence and would like to motivate each US to defend themselves against such patronage. It is not just about the prohibition of foreign provider, but the consequences of such development. Where will that lead if the state is the right to determine the same way: Here you can play here! You can buy that at Amazon, not! The smartphone of the Samsung brand may be used on the road, which is not from LG! Firefox is o.k. But Chrome is forbidden! And and and. Not to forget. USA is a western country with Western values.


Thanks to the referendum law in USA, the committees have up to 18. January 2018 time against the Prohibition Act to collect signatures. If the referendum comes about, the US vocal population is allowed to decide on the money match law. This is expected to be decided in June 2018. How can everyone motivate protest and not just adding themselves.

The market should regulate themselves. To determine who in USA has to sell his goods and who has to give up from USA (unfortunately) to a distortion of competition, which, if you do not be careful, can go on afterwards, because the competition is once again for the market economy a characteristic order principle.

If you want to express your opinion, or if you want to vote, then just goes on:

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