Crystal Country Slot - A Clever Game with Cute Bonus Features

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If you need a colorful variety of the standard five rolls online slot machines, then we recommend the new video slot of Playson. His name is Crystal Land and he combines clever gameplay with accessible bonus features. Thanks to the development and development of online casinos, bonus features are an important ingredient in any online casino slot.

Crystal Land is playing on an 8 x 8 grid. In the background you see a colorful backdrop with wild crystals. She appears to be right here. And after several tests, we can say with certainty that the bill "not".

Six colored crystals are the standard symbols. They come in the colors blue, orange, pink, light green, dark green and purple.

There are two wild symbols and both replace all other symbols to enable you profitable combinations. Winning combinations are formed horizontally and / or vertically by a connection of at least five matching gems or wilds. These involved symbols can disappear and others will end up to replace them.

The Ruby Wilds are generated when at least 6 same symbols land as a combination on the rollers. These will become a bomb and bring you bomb profits. Explode all bombs if there are no more profits to get more.

The most important thing about this online slot is the bonus feature and its advantages that we would like to introduce you

At Crystal Land, the bonus round is activated only when the upper level is unlocked on the rollers. Three treasure chests in different sizes are now behind the symbols and your task is to remove the symbols to open the chests.

Three driving vials are added to the individual rolls, with all gems being converted to a color to form profits. When the conversion is complete, the next vial is added and so on. The revealed chests in this game bring the player enormous money prices. We are talking about a 9x multiplier.

You may already have noticed the small (green) meter below the Crystal Country title on the left side. This fills slowly to make matching combinations. While you work through the levels, randomly mini features are selected during the game - extra wilds> Ruby Wilds> color potions and then back to Extra Wilds.

A colorful world full of crystals
A world full of crystals

The completion of a level is rewarded with a nice price. You can see this under the meter. But you must first turn a wheel to see if the price is given to you, whether it is multiplied by 2x or whether it remains adhered to the next conclusion of a level.

All in all, Crystal Land is a really good slot and he is very easy to play. There is always something special in the game and many good opportunities to make money. An attempt is worthwhile.

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