Hunt the Evil Werewolf in the new slot Wolf Hunters ™ from Yggdrasil

Wolf Hunters Slot

Just in time for October and in front of Halloween Yggdrasil has released a scary waswolf slot. And that convinces not only through scary halloween mood, but also through very cool game ideas and features. In fact, they have to hunt a werewolf and get help from two famous monster hunters. This brings a lot of grusel fun with you who should not be missed. We have tested the slot machines named Wolf Hunters ™ extensively and tell them about our experiences.

With silver balls and fall on werewolf hunt

How to get used to yggdrasil, now no longer otherwise, is also the graphics and technology at Wolf Hunters ™ at the highest level. A scary castle in the background and a scary soundscape ensure the right accumulation and leave the same Horror movie mood come up. Nothing for weak nerves!

At first glance, the game is usually played on 5 rolls in three rows. Of course there is also a wild symbol. The other symbols consist of very different weapons, which help to sue the werewolf: a poison vial, silver balls and a trap.

"So what happens when these energy events are achieved, or when the werewolf is succeeded? Keep yourself tight, we'll tell you!"

But you have not been noticed quickly that there is something special for this slot in the dark. For the two hunters, who accompany them on the hunt for the waswolf, are shown on the left and right of the rolls and each have their own energy display, which can be charged up to 100. And at the top of the edge is also a blood-red display of the Werwolfs to recognize the Life energy of the monster display. So what happens when these energy events are achieved, or when the werewolf is succeeded? Keep yourself tight, we'll tell you!

So many means and weapons in combat - these are all the extras of the slot

Wolf Hunters Slot Screenshot

What first is very ingeniously at this slot, is that the wild symbol always automatically means a free spin and remains on the rollers. Then another game appears, repeats the whole thing and so on. But that was nothing yet!

Another special feature is the werewolf symbol that automatically means that one of the two hunters fight against the werewolf. If the Hunter wins the fight, the Werwolf symbol is turned into a game and also deducted the Werwolf a life point, while the hunter rises a point. How to connect Wolf Hunters ™ skillfully Role-playing elements With the mechanisms of the video slots and makes the game already a lot more exciting. Of course you want to know immediately what happens when the monster is experienced!

But first of all we have to mention that there are also bonus symbols. When they land on rolls 1 and 5, there are 10 free spells for you where the hunters have a greater chance to win the fight against the evil wolf. In addition, there are power-ups for the hunters who can be collected. These give you more free spins and expanding wilds. Thus, during the hunt for the beast, it is getting stronger and your chances are steadily rising to finally do the cattle!

So what happens when a Hunter reaches its maximum energy level? Then you get 10 free games immediately in which the hunter is already improved. That is, when he wins a fight against the wolf, the wolf symbol expands every time a wild up and down on the rollers.

And if the Werwolf completely loses his life energy? Then there is 10 Slayer Freels For them, where all Werwolf symbols are always becoming wild and expanding! And that often happens often, the profits explode!

We find this Werewolf Hunt extremely cool and had so much fun with the two hunters ever further up and then to sue the WERWOLF at some point. That there are so many different levels and energy levels to fulfill, the whole thing is still much more exciting, as you can not expect what will happen next.

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And so the hunt for Werwolf at Wolf Hunters ™ looks like