Stunning 16 million euros are currently in the jackpot at Mega Moolah ™

Mega Moolah slot machine

It is anything but a mystery that with the Microgaming Slot Mega Moolah ™ regularly crowned new millionaires around the world. No slot machine pours so much money, nowhere else reaches the progressive jackpot such huge sums. But the sum currently in the Mega Moolah ™ Jackpot is a madness for this machine: over 16 million euros (so Ca. 18 million US francs) are currently to be picked up there. This is absolute record!

Previous maximum profit is a good 13 million British pounds

Some giant profits of several million have been distributed at MEGA MOOLAH ™. The currency is depending on the country of origin of the player or. of the online casinos, in which is played, either US dollars, British pounds or Euro. But do not worry: you too as a US Mega Moolah ™ can of course play. The record jackpot is then converted in the event of a profit in US francs.

"The most important feature at MEGA MOOLAH ™ is definitely the bonus game in the form of a lucky wheel that can appear completely random. Because only here there is the opportunity to the million jackpot!"

And as high as today, the jackpot was never before at Mega Moolah ™. Preferable record holder is the British Soldier Jonathan Heywood from Cheshire in England. The only 26 years young man could hardly believe his happiness in 2015 as he misrepresented Over 13 million British pounds (over US 16 million) won. This profit is as the highest online jackpot even in the Guinness Book of Records.

And now the jackpot is over 16 million euros, tendency continues to increase! Who will get him this time? We'll tell you how to secure your chance for this mega jackpot before it's too late.

Mega Moolah ™ works quite easy - everyone can get the jackpot

Mega Moolah ™ comes from the popular game skills Microgaming and is one of the most played slot machines worldwide. Of course, this is especially due to the incomprehensible jackpot sums that the slot can spend. The game principle is easy and also to understand for beginners and laymen very quickly.

First of all, you have to know that MEGA MOOLAH ™ contains not only one but equal four progressive jackpots. The biggest of them is repeatedly reset to 1 million and grows steadily from there. The winner of this jackpot is therefore guaranteed to the millionaire. And already starting from 0.25 US / $.

The game consists of 5 roles and three rows, on which up to 25 paylines can be formed. Whereby MEGA MOOLAH ™ can form more or less paylines depending on the use. In addition, the coin value itself should be set. So you are very flexible with this slot machine. But attention: The more you risk and use, the higher the chance of the jackpot!

With free play feature, multiplier and jackpot bonus to the millionaire

Mega Moolah Jackpot GL & OCKSRAD

The highest quality symbols consist of Mega Moolah ™ from African animals, which you look wide grinning. In addition, of course, there is also a wild symbol in the form of a lion and a scatter symbol in the form of a purple malt, which reminds a little at the monkeys of King of Löwen ™. The profits with a wild symbol are doubled each time!

With a little luck, you will release the free play function at MEGA MOOLAH ™ by displaying three scatter symbols somewhere on the field. This will give you immediately 15 free games And all profits during this free spells are tripled!

The most important feature at MEGA MOOLAH ™ is definitely the bonus game in the form of a lucky wheel that can appear completely random. Because only here there is the opportunity to the million jackpot! The chance that the bonus game appears, however, is higher if you start working higher. Within the fortune wheel itself, however, the chances are always the same. After all, you can finally turn on this wheel and thus win one of the jackpots. One of the 20 fields Bring the mega million jackpot. And we wish you good luck for you to be the one or the next one who gets him!

Get the record jackpot of over 16 million euros now! You can play Mega Moolah ™ Casimba, where they still have a 6.500 US / $ bonus and 125 free games can take.