Mega Ball: New Game in Live Casino

The gameshow

Every online casino player knows evolution gaming. For many years, this company has successfully specialized in bringing Live Casino Games to online casinos via Livestreams. Now Evolution Gaming has set a new live casino game in the world: Mega Ball! What's it all about? Let's imagine the new game!

Live Casino: Already more than just roulette

If you think of Live Casino, a first come first Roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and co. In the sense - the traditional casino games just, already be played in the casinos of the world for centuries and you can not think about today's culture. Although there are many different variants of these classics, many players long for a change in a variety.

The Live Casino Provider, especially the Market Leader Evolution Gaming , have always come up with something to get any boredom in the live casino area. Games were "imported" from Asia , Enjoy the popularity in local culture - such as Dragon Tiger and Teen Patti. But also boarding classics like Monopoly, who knows from the family reunions, were spelled up and brought to live casino with Live Dealer. But now for the most hardest new wax in the family of Live Casino Games: Mega Ball!

"Do you luck and you hit the 100x multiplier, there is the possibility of 1.000.To win 000 times the use."

What's about Mega Ball?

Let's just come to the point: Mega Ball of Evolution Gaming Can you like a Modern and refreshed version of Bingo introduce. Maybe you know the famous gameshow on the NDR channel with the moderator Michael Thürnau, who has been doing this thing for so many years now that he is often referred to as "bingobar". Well, if the NDR show is clearly something for the older generation, then Mega ball now a candidate on the post of bingo show for the younger generation , who drives around in live casinos.

The whole thing is running from the game play very similarly like Lotto, because even here, the profit numbers are drawn in the form of balls whirling in a glass container and are selected by chance. 51 balls are in the loose drum, Every round 20 pieces are pulled, which are automatically marked by the software on the player cards. The goal is simple: either Vertical, horizontal or diagonal paylines must be completed will. Before each round you have to equip yourself as a player with at least one playing card, on which in the square 24 numbers are to be seen.

But what is the eponymous mega ball?

The so-called mega ball is the Ball of the bonus round , the at the end of each normal round, so to speak climax will. First, however, a multiplier is selected by random generator, which can be between 5x and 100x. Completes the number a series on a playing card, the complete value of the resulting profit will be with the Multiplier in a kind of jackpot profit transformed. If you are lucky and you hit the 100x multiplier, there is the possibility, The 1.000.To win 000 times the use.

That brings us directly to the Profit probabilities at Mega Ballgenerally. If you only play with a single playing card, is the RTP at 95.40%. However, one plays with multiple cards, this average value can change minimum, but is always between 95.40% and 95.05%. This is not as advantageous as in some slots, but nevertheless definitely quite high.

It depends on the moderator

Unfortunately, many German players have certain prejudices against Bingo, which could probably be on the cliché that such gameshows are mostly viewed in retirement homes. However, this is not everywhere: specifically in the UK has Bingo a good reputation and also a big fan base. Although it is true that it is not the fastest game in the world, but with Mega Ball of Evolution goes Take the profit numbers very fast. Really actively do something can not be done in the game. Therefore, Mega Ball is good for those people who just like sit down and watch, completely relaxed.

A major role in the entertainment factor of the game also has the moderator. Since the game is completely automated, it really does not have to do anything else than the players with his Lands and comments entertainment. If you want to participate in the exchange, you can also write to the moderator of the show via chat function.

Should you try the new Mega Ball game? That's all over them, but Online casinos where the bingo gameshow is offered, there are already more than enough. Finally, every good online casino is equipped with the games of Evolution Gaming!