Did you know that you can bet these things?


In the world of Online casinos and bookmakers there is almost nothing, what they have not seen yet. Here are bizarre jackpot stories and insane exciting sports events. But did you know that you can bet for a lot of other?

If sports betting are no longer enough

You certainly have already given one or the other bet. Be it when you were live on the spot in a horse race or online.

Here you have a variety of Bookmaker to choose from. To decide between them is already a task for itself.

But what if we tell you the sport and esports nothing is the only thing you can bet?

We introduce you to the craziest and unusual things that you can actually bet.

Bet on the commentator Bingo

A company from England had the idea to organize a bingo on commentator statements. This took place at the English Premier League At a game of Liverpool against Manchester.

This game was directed by certain commentators. Listeners could now use the opportunity to conclude their bets on statements.

There was one Set of phrases, which often repeated. Then money could be set.

Each of the statements had different odds of 5/1 to 16/1. Even if this was just a unique event, it has enjoyed a great popularity.

"The one whose cheese lands the fastest in the valley wins."

Bet on royal baby names

Rumors and news from the area of the royal family are already a racer anyway. So royal fans have made their mission to advise how probably the next baby is called.

Especially the baby of Prince Harry and Megan was the center of all interest.

But that the stone came into roll only, because since then there are always many exciting options for bets on the Royal family. If there is a topic, which makes headlines around the Royals, you will be able to bet with great probability.

Bet on the pope

Also a topic that causes the minds and could hardly be more exciting is the question about the next pope.

Even if the Pope is currently still officially, Bets are already given here.

Many people ask themselves who will probably be the successor. Since this finds such a big appeal, then hardworking bets are delivered.

The annual cheese roles

It's hard to believe, but there is actually a betting center around the topic Chew.

This is, according to the definition, a sport that runs every year. The scene of this is the English Region Gloucester.

It is important that the participants roll down a mountain a mountain a mountain.

The one whose cheese lands the fastest in the valley. And that's exactly where fans can give their bets this annual sport.

The bets have initially started in the small frame, but already enjoy one growing popularity Among the locals and under tourists.