Lucha Legends: Meet wild Mexican wrestlers

Lucha Legends slot machine

Slot machines and wrestling have a mean: both are happy to look at. The well-known game developer Microgaming came to the idea of developing a new video slot around the Mexican wrestling comes to us as called. We tried the slot immediately and tell you about our experiences.

Lucha or lollipop? You can expect that from Lucha Legends

Genuine wrestling fans probably already know what Lucha means. It is the term used in Spanish-speaking countries for fighting or just wrestling. Lucha Legends is based on the Latin American wrestling scene, with real Maxican Luchadores, the wrestling superstars.

"Sometimes we thought while playing, we could smell the anxiety of some wrestlers through our cell phone and it will be similar to them."

At Lucha Legends, they meet four wrestlers who come with their wrestling moves and ensure even more profits: El Diablo, Martio, Sal Y Pepe and Burro. The exciting thing is to transform the property of all four wrestlers to transform wild symbols in Super Wilds. This means only one thing for the player: More profits!

It's interesting how that works. Once a wild symbol appears in a payline and a profit comes about, other wild symbols occur, which result in more profits. The slot adds all these winnings and screws the account balance on a blow huge upwards. We thank Microgaming and the Loves Luchadores.

Enjoy the show as if you were live on the ring

Lucha Legends play

At Lucha Legends take place next to the ring. Sometimes we thought during the playing, we could smell the anxiety of some wrestlers through our cell phone and it will be similar to them. But not only atmospheric the video slot is at the front. With 25 paylines, super wild feature and a 2x or 3x multiplier, the slot promises long-lasting game fun.

We think that Lucha Legends The best slot machine from Microgaming is the developers have been released for a long time. Even players who otherwise have little of wrestling will like this slot.

Lucha Legends is the best casinos of USA for Desktop and Mobile available. You do not need the latest iPhone, nor do you have experience with playing gambling. Lucha Legends is a simple but exciting slot where you can get started immediately without prior knowledge.

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Make yourself comfortable and marvel at the trailer