Leprechaun Song ™: The Irish goblin brings us massive luck

Leprechaun Song Slot Machine Pragmatic Play

Tell them the name "Leprechaun" what? This is this Irish goblin, a small green man with red hair. The little guy belongs to Irish mythology and brings luck. The legend states that at the end of the rainbow, he guarded a pot of pure gold. Of course we want to get that! And with the new slot machine Leprechaun Song ™ by Pragmatic Play we get this pot full of gold already very, very close. Because the bonus functions, wilds and free spins in this slot are the absolute madness! Let us explain it more in our detailed review.

A colorful slot machine full of Irish luck symbols

Leprechaun Song ™ has been graphically programmed by Pragmatic Play. The background is made of juicy, green meadows and grown-up, small cottage with flowers in front of it. There is a wonderfully colorful rainbow and on the slots sits the little goblin leprechaun and grins pretty naughty. But the dwarf will have a special feature that lets us with the ears ... but later more.

"And the best comes to the end as always! When at least three golden pots land on the rollers, the bonus game is triggered."

As background music, beautiful Irish melodies are running for the right mood. The symbols of the slot machine itself exist, next to the usual number symbols, from the goblin itself, a Guinness beer, a whistle with four-leaved shamrock and a piping hat. There are also the Wild symbol in the form of a rainbow and the scatter symbol, which is represented by the coveted gold pot. This combination of Irish theme and luck symbols is very successful, stands the same mood and makes you want to play the machine.

We can use Leprechaun Song ™ with its 5x3 rollers between $ 0.20 and 100 $ and have a good RTP rate of 96.5%.

There are 20 paylines. But what do the different symbols cause? And what about the promised bonus functions? Oh, that's our favorite part! The following is followed in the next section.

When the goblack unpacks his violin, our cash registers sound full gold!

Let's get to the fabulous extra features of Leprechaun Song ™. First of all, the "downgrading wilds" would be. Suddenly just come some Extra wild symbols rained from the rainbow sky, enform our profit opportunities!

But that was just the beginning. Even better, if the leprechaun sitting on the rollers suddenly plays his song and transforms one of the symbols into a giant symbol. That then fills 3x3 rows and lands on the field to give us violent profits. Then there are still the 5 violins: With this feature we can choose one of the violins and each of them simply brings us an immediate money gain!

Leprechaun Song slot machine screenshot

And the best comes to the end as always! When at least three golden pots land on the rollers, the bonus game is triggered. This bonus game in turn starts directly with 10 free plays and a 2x multiplier. In the game you can then different colorful mushrooms (no afraid, not toxic!) Choose the following rewards:

  • Further free spins: Thus, the bonus game is kept long running
  • A multiplier: The already existing 2x multiplier is still placed on top. The whole thing goes up to 500x!
  • A specific symbol transforms into one Wild symbol: This is replaced by game for the entire duration of the bonus game!

Now they understand why this green goblin brings us so much luck. The possibilities of this slot machine are simply insane! We look forward to our next trip to the land of Leprechaun.

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