Jumanji ™ by Netent: A slot machine from the depths of the jungle

Jumanji slot machine

Anyone probably knows the Jumanji ™ Hollywood movies. Only last year was a remake of the successful classic of 1995 with Robin Williams. In the original, a board game suddenly becomes reality and it starts an exciting and funny adventure, in which the players suddenly have to fight survival. The new film tried to transfer the adventurous tension and the funny humor of Jumanji ™ with a new digital game world in today's time. Nets Slot slot machine is based on the old movie classic, which many fans would still call the only true Jumanji ™. It is said that Netent skilfully masters the film ideas on a cool jungle surface and simultaneously creates a completely novel connection of slot games with board game elements.

That did not exist at all: a slot machine with board game elements

The developers of Netent has succeeded with Jumanji ™ a completely novel idea. True to the feature film in which a board game becomes adventurous reality, you can dice in the machine slot game in between with two cubes and back like on a game board. On the playing fields you expect free spins, extrare rounds and more. We found this new idea great and have tested it directly for you.

"It's mastered Netent skillfully to transfer the film ideas to a cool jungle surface and simultaneously creates a completely novel connection of slot games with board game elements."

The entire surface of the slot machine is of course held in the unmistakable jungle design. We found this very successful in our test and will not be boring for a long time. The symbols are composed of the well-known animals from the film: lions, crocodiles and rhinos turn over the 5 rolls. These are arranged in a 3-4-5-4-3 format and form 36 fixed withdrawal lines. There are some promising and very successful animated additional features with mega bonuses that can hear the use on up to 500 times. We explain to you in the next section like this look.

The players expect monkey bonus features both on the base surface and on the game board

First of all, there are 4 random features on the normal machine interface that enable properly profitable events. These make the well-known wild symbols appear on the roles, throw up the roles confused to make new profit combinations or log in their profit and give them an immediate free play. But that is still not everything: the board game also contains 4 (!) Different free play rounds, a secret mystery feature as well as extra coin gains and extra cube chances.

Jumanji Netent slot machine

The "Return to Player" rate (short: RTP) of the slot machine comes to a decent value of 96.33%. This means that 96.33% of the money used actually flows back to the players. Maximum profits from one up to 504 times (!!) of the amount used. The bonuses and winning rates along with the possible jackpots can really be seen at Jumanji ™. Netent has also built an autoplay function that allows you to play the game for a certain number of rounds automatically if you want this. The game can be played on the PC as well as on all mobile devices, ie smartphones and tablets with all operating systems.

Our conclusion: This board game feature is the first of its kind and we have to say that we have convinced us. Please do more of them Netent!

We made you curious? Then try Jumanji ™ just directly Yeti Casino the end. There is also a thick bonus of 777 $ and a modern presentation next to all games bangs from Netent.

In this video you can see all the exciting new features of Jumanji ™