Ivan and the Immortal King ™ by Quickspin: Slot with fabulous features

Ivan and the Immortal King Quickspin

There is a video slot every few months, where you know that he is special. At Ivan and the Immortal King ™ we immediately had this feeling - and it has been confirmed! The slot machine is based on a Russian popular counting, which turns around the hero Ivan Tsarevich, who has to defeat the immortal king. Ivan is the fairy tale "neither strong nor wisely", but has outrageous luck. That fits very well with the game, because the bonus features are truly breathtaking!

Do you have the stuff to defeat the evil king and conquer his gold?

In Quickspins Adaption of the Russian fairytale, take the role of Ivan and join against the immortal king Koschei. To defeat him, you have to approach his soul, which is hidden in a needle, which in turn in an egg, in turn in a duck, which in turn is hidden in a hare, which in turn is hidden in a box. Create it to find the needle and defeat the king, expect incredible treasures!

"You can start a chain reaction of more and more free games with ever higher multipliers."

Good that our Ivan is such a happy fool. Because in the surface is the slot a classic Quickspin game. With 5x3 rollers, 20 fixed payout lines and inserts from 0.20 to 100 US. But Ivan and the Immortal King ™ is different! The slot machine knows a high variance which means that the profits can be incredibly high.

As other slots of the developer, you will find very nice, hand-drawn artwork in a colorful cartoon style at Ivan And The Immortal King ™. The music is based on Russian folk music and thus accuse the entire ambience perfect. But the most important thing in the game are the many, very profitable extras in it, which will give you to 40.000 times the insert make!

To enable the free spells and bonus features in the game

Ivan and the Immortal King Quickspin Screenshot

First of all, one must determine that the symbols alone have very high payouts. And then these extravagant features are added!

At any time it may happen that Witch Baba Yaga flying over the rollers and turn 4 random, side by side symbols into one and the same. If you are lucky, there are premium symbols or even scatters that trigger the bonus.

Free spins are triggered as so often of 3 or more scatter symbols. Either you land directly, or with the help of Baba Yaga. This is how the rewards look like:

  • 3 Scatter symbols give 10 free games in the box level.
  • 4 Scatter symbols give 14 free games in the Hasen-Level.
  • 5 Scatter symbols give 18 free spins in the duck level.

Once you are in the bonus free games, you will look for the Progressive scatters, because they give really fire! You can start a chain reaction of more and more free plays with ever higher multipliers. Always 3 of the progressive scatters activate the next multiplier level and 4 additional free spins. There are overall 6 Level and a 20x multiplier, that wait for you! It's not easy to get to the last level, but it's worth it! In the end, the evil king and the gigantic profit potential is waiting for you!

Get the Gigantic treasures at Ivan and the Immortal King ™ in the Casimba casino and take the handsome 6.500 US bonus to welcome with.

The trailer shows the big profit potential at Ivan and the Immortal King ™