The new gambling law in USA

Laws USA

For those who have not heard yet, USA has made new laws since the 1 July 2019. As a result, only a few casinos may offer their services online, more information about this in our article!

Why and when was this new license determined?

Through a popular decision was voted 10 June 2018 with a clear majority of 72.9% for the new money law. On the 1. January 2019, this came into force for the first time.

The concessions of the US game banks were thereby extended by further 6 years. In addition, legal bases were created that game banks may offer their own online casino in USA in the future.

"To this day, four of these casinos have permission to operate their own online casinos."

Overall, there will be 21 licensed game banks. To date, have Four of these casinos the permit for the operation of a separate online casinos.

Temporarily US players can play the licensed casino games with real money on the websites of the gambling halls, Lucerne, Davos and Pfäffikon.

What will happen to the other online casinos?


The Federal Council in USA has to be implemented clear ideas as the new gambling laws. The US Federal Banking Committee declared a media release that a strict assignment of the concessions makes sense only if the Access to the non-licensed online casinos is blocked.

The Federal Council decided to set up an electronic access lock.

Since the 1 July, all US players will be a warning, indicating that the contents of the casino in USA are not legal.

How do you know which casino and game is legal?

The ESBK (US Family Banking Commission) has clear objectives in mind: The US game banks who own a US online concession should be allowed to offer their services online.

Since the 1 July there is a lock list on which all illegal casinos are registered, which did not voluntarily hire service. This is updated regularly and every decision will be announced in the Bundesblatt.

On the website of the ESBK it is also A list of licensed game banks and online casino games give. These lists are visible and accessible to all citizens.

Probably it will be due to the numerous international casinos, a very long lock list. The main focus is mainly on providing all US players through strict rules for the prevention of gambling addiction and fraud. Also, the payment of social security contributions and social security contributions should be made, which are to be invested directly in social projects of the state.