What makes a good gaming smartphone?

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We stand at the beginning of a new decade and it seems as if the near future has never been so meaningful than now. On the one hand, the climate crisis is approaching and also rumors of a second Cold War between East and West, promise on the other side news From technical giant jumps like G5 Internet even more connection between even more people who are increasingly organizing themselves and demanding their own authorization. Whether things will turn to positive or negative, will decide in the next ten years.

But do you know what many roles are already playing today and will definitely become more important in the future? Two things: smartphones, and online games!

Almost everyone will have at least one smartphone in the future and it Use for all possible, from administrative about communication to entertainment. We have analyzed for you, which makes a good gaming smartphone and which are the current top models!

The right device to maximize live casino and slots!

They love to gamble online casino games on the phone on the smartphone? And if you have a good gaming smartphone ever, then you want to use it for home and maybe even do without a computer or laptop? Then they are as well as most others. Predicts claim that it to give less personal computers in the future and the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are extremely rising.

This makes us with the first basic property that has to have a good gaming smartphone: the screen should be as big as possible, but still portable. This trend has existed for several years; The latest smartphones are all right to have some screen sizes of more than 6 inches. Such smartphones that are almost as big as tablets are sometimes called phablets.

"Although Android may not approach iOS, there are also many very good gaming phones on the market, often with better value for money than iPhones."

The three most important factors of a good gaming smartphone

If you want to have a smartphone that enables excellent games experiences and in no way prevents the game fun in any way, you have to be essential to pay attention to three important things:

A strong processor with just silver graphics unit: The processor, also called CPU (Central Processing Unit), is, so to speak Motor of a smartphone and essential a computing unit, which should consist of several cores for gaming (from dual-core up to hexa-core). How fast and how many data of the processor can handle a value in Gigahertz - the more Gigahertz the better.

A powerful and large display: We love to play complex slots graphically and you just need a high-resolution display. The best ones are with OLED or even amoled technology, but also the slightly older IPS screens are not to be despised, Because they are known for their good color reproductions. But they also pull more power.

A long-lasting battery: A smartphone battery should hold as long as the day takes as well as if you use the phone a lot. Online slot machines Zocken challenges a smartphone hard work and pulls a lot of electricity inevitably, Therefore, a good gaming mobile phone should have at least 3000 milliam-hour battery capacity.

A real slot mobile phone

Apple disappointed - as always - only in terms of affordability

If you want the best gaming smartphone that there is currently available, then you will probably be made to the iPhones XS and XS max. Apple is not so great for free and has a first-class reputation - The parts are really the highest quality, which is currently there. For that, you have to stop even petties - many people would like to have an apple product, but can not afford a new model and are then better advised to buy a recently published and still cheaper Android phone.

Large selection of definitely sufficient Android Phones

Although Android may not come up to iOS, many very good gaming phones are also in the market, often with better value for money than iPhones. Examples are that Xiaomi Mi 9, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, Honor View 20, Huawei Mate 20 x and also smartphones from special gaming equipment manufacturers, such as.B. The Razer Phone.

If you want a smartphone that does not disappoint when playing in the online casino, it really is worthwhile to invest in research - especially if you are looking for the best Android phone for the least money. If you have money, but do not feel like looking for a long way, then you are always on the safe side with the latest Apple model.