Flaming Fox ™ Slot: True Ninja comes with inner power to victory

Flaming Fox Slot of Red Tiger

The developers of Red Tiger are currently proverbial "ON Fire" and deliver another time a outstanding new slot machine. It's not about a tiger, but about the flaming fox, which is at the same time a Ninja master! In the rest lies the power and so you can carry out glorious victories with some patience here. The special thing about this slot are its extremely high profit potential and the profit payment in both directions. The Flaming Fox ™ also looks damn good! We find that are more than enough reasons to look at the slot machines exactly.

Red Tiger has taken the wishes of the community to heart

If you are honest, Red Tiger was rather for solid standard slots for quite a long time, but they could not have great peculiarities. The game developers now prove with Flaming Fox ™ that they can convert innovation and grandiose ideas very well. Because both graphically and its functions is this slot of allest cream!

Flaming Fox ™ plays on 5 rolls in 3 rows, there are manageable 20 paylines. But beware: The profits pay off in both directions! So we have already betrayed the first great special feature of this slot machine. Further facts would be that one can set his use between $ 0.10 and 100 $, so it is for both careful and highhollers. And the RTP rate is 96.11% in a very acceptable frame.

"At any time, suddenly the flaming feature of the slot can be triggered and the fox emerges from his meditation and kicks in karate style in the roles!"

The design of the slot holds itself in a very successful way at the topic Japan and Ninjas. The symbols consist for example from Japanese masks and a Katana sword. In the background we see a typical Japanese training room with the meditating fox in it. Who is not sitting there without reason and soon it turns out that he takes a special function in the extra features of the slot and can turn on the gameplay.

The Ninja Fuchs occurs in action - in the special functions of the slot!

Flaming Fox Slot Screenshot

The flaming fox soon gets its due appearance. At any time, suddenly the "flaming feature" of the slot can be triggered and the fox emerges from its meditation and kicks in karate style in the rollers! It can either transform individual symbols or whole roles through its Ninja forces in high-quality flame symbols. Not infrequently, he transforms several ranks and thus ensures incredible profit combinations.

Of course, free games should not be missing at Flaming Fox ™. They are triggered as usual of 3 or more scatter symbols. And the ingenious is that when the flaming feature occurs during the free spins, remain the supernatural forces of the fox and apply to the entire number of free spins. This results in unimagined mega profits - up to one 3.333 times of use!

Conclusion: Summary can be said that Flaming Fox ™ is an excellently programmed slot title. The game runs continuously smoothly, the graphic is great and when the fox occurs in action with his Ninja moves, you make air juries from joy! Maybe one or two extras could have been more, but the fact that the flaming feature is so great and so high rewards promises, the fun is given and you miss nothing. You just have to see this fox!

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