Dragon Maiden by Play'n Go: Ride on Dragon with a Holden Maid

Dragon Maiden Play'n Go

Play'n Go has released a new slot, which can only be described as one thing with one word: epic! It is a slot machine for all fans of fantasy books, movies and series and especially by Game of Thrones ™. Ride side by side with a martial dragon lady on the fire-feeding monster. Create it to tame the dragon and take advantage of his skills? The fire dragon has the power to expand the complete playing field and to expand the profit routes to 7776 possibilities! We report our experiences ..

Unleash the dragon in an epic battle for tremendous profits

Dragon Maiden ™ is already a pure graphic an impressive slot. In front of a picturesque landscape of high mountains, the 5 rolls spread in 3 rows in front of us. Every now and then you can see a lonely dragon in the background to draw his majestic circles. The scenario is accompanied by beautiful medieval sounds, which unleash to a true musical fireworks as soon as the dragon spreads its wings over the rolls!

But in turn ... First, the slot machine has in standard mode 243 paylines. The most valuable symbols of Dragon Maiden ™ are made of ornamental rings, coins and diamonds. The most important symbol represents the dragons Maid himself. She can also happen to transform into a wild symbol and has the ability to spread high on 3 rows. She reminds greatly Daenery's Targaryen from Game of Thrones ™, Only with red instead of blond hair and a gold knight armor.

"What a spectacle and what a pleasure to immerse yourself in the action of Dragon Maiden ™!"

But more important is the dragon icon at Dragon Maiden ™. It acts as scatter and 2 or more dragons release Respins. If RESINS has landed another dragon, a renewed Respin follows as long as no dragon lands on the rolling. From 3 dragons Get free games And then the fun goes right!

Free spins and golden free spins release an inferno at win

Dragon Maiden Play'n Go Screenshot

We come to the most interesting part of Dragon Maiden ™: the free play. 3 dragons release the free spins. But the amazing thing about this slot is: the rollers can become more and higher and thus the profit routes! And so this looks in detail:

  • Each dragon landing on a roll increases it by another symbol
  • Each roll can be high up to 6 symbols
  • If a roller has reached the maximum height, you get golden free spins
  • In the golden free plays, the dragon is definitively unleashed. You suddenly play on a 5x6 playing field and your profit routes will 7.776 possibilities elevated!

Now you have to show strong nerves! Hope to help you the Dragon Lady and spreads as expanding wild over the rolls while growing up to the height gradually. And then you can reach the 6 with a little luck. Series and the Golden free spells kick off.

During the golden free spins, the dragon roves around her and spreads afraid and terror! But let them do not bother them, because their winning opportunities have just increased in the amount!

What a spectacle and what a pleasure to immerse yourself in the action of Dragon Maiden ™!

Do you have the stuff to pick it up with the unleashed dragon at Dragon Maiden ™? Then make them up MR Green And look forward to 100 US / $ bonus + 200 free spins.