Latest spells from Far East: Dragon Kings ™ by Betsoft

Dragon Kings Betsoft Slot Slot

Not only slot machines from the Far East have been fascinating us in Central Europe for centuries. Dragon Kings ™ from Betsoft does not make any exception. It brings Chinese myths to life by connecting the magic of dragons from the Asian tradition with modernity of a technically absolutely contemporary video slots. The slot machine is also fully packed with bonuses. We took a closer look at Dragon Kings ™ for you.

Classic elements associated with beautiful design

Betsoft has implemented the Chinese dragon topic with Dragon Kings ™ really cool. As symbol figures we expect Asian luck coins and Jadefiguren as well as of course the different dragonkeepers figures. The whole thing is combined with a very stylish Chinese soundscape, which once again combines modern and traditional China.

"The special thing here are certainly the wild symbols in the form of the four dragon kings, all of which have a different stunning function."

Dragon Kings ™ is a classic 3x5 slot machine to 10 paylines. But do not think he would not be new or even boring! The special feature of Dragon Kings ™ are his symbols themselves. Here you expect numerous bonus functions that can duplicate a single use by 2000x!

The RTP rate of the slot is 95.20%, with progressive jackpots and free games everything you can wish and the profits can thus increase in unspeakable heights. The special feature is certainly the wild symbols in the form of the four dragon kings, all of which have a different stunning function.

Four dragon king each bring other riches for you

All four dragons act as wild symbols, that is, they can replace any other symbol. But that was not all! Each dragon also has another function that will bring you bonuses and additional gains. Here are the functions of the four different dragon quantities briefly explained:

  • The blue dragon: Lets all other dragons remain on their places when he appears and additionally gives them a frespine!
  • The white dragon: Will clone yourself immediately and make a new chain of wild symbols!
  • The red dragon: When the Red Dragon appears, it will immediately bring you a random price that can be up to the 400x of your mission!
  • The black dragon: This dragon multiplies each pay line to which he belongs x3!
  • The Golden Dragon: This is the most powerful of the dragon and at the same time your king! He directly doubles the profits of all lines and only he can lead them to the jackpot.
Dragon Kings Betsoft Screenshot

When the Golden Dragon King appears with one of the other dragons, their forces are united and can increase their use by 2000x! And not enough: it will also be a hidden 6. Roller launched where the magical pearl of the Dragon King is stored. This pearl is the key to one of four progressive jackpots - from bronze to diamond!

Do you already feel the fascination that goes out of the dragons and magical pearl? We first let you with this effect alone to make you look. But one thing we have not even mentioned: the magical pearl can still trigger up to 50 free spins! We know that sounds incredible, but it is actually true! Convince yourself now of the Chinese legend!

Let yourself be taken to the world of Chinese Dragon's Days. Play Dragon Kings ™ today in Dunder casino and secure the US 600 first payment bonus.

In this official video you can see the gameplay more exactly