The best payment methods 2021 for casinos in USA


When it comes to playing in a casino, they will quickly come to the point that they make a deposit, readily said, but they also know the best Methods for your payments in the casino? We introduce you to the best from USA.

"So if you deposit your real money in a casino, it is of course important that you also have the best methods available for this."

The most popular payment methods

US players have already tried a variety of different payment methods in online casinos. So if you deposit your real money in a casino, it is of course important that you also have the best methods available.

Because both your deposits as well as your payouts should Go fast, be uncomplicated and of course have a high security.

Ecopayz for payments

Ecopayz is one E-wallet.. This type of payment methods is definitely indispensable from the online casinos.

Since In 2000, these methods are already available and since 2009 there is a separate e-wallet app.

Online deposits and payouts are easier through this method and above all practical when traveling.

This type of payment offers you many advantages:

  • Pay over the app mobile
  • Also available for disbursements
  • Most casinos offer it
  • VIP status possible
  • Also available for bonuses
  • There is a private credit card

Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage. Because it is so that sometimes charges can be charged.

Payments with SMS

Especially good The smartphone generation is that kind of payments exciting. Because they can easily make their payments by SMS.

This is a Particularly practical and fast method. Because this variant of payments is definitely faster than a bank transfer.

You can pay your payments either pay monthly by invoice or you invite you a credit.

Unfortunately, it is so that this type of payment, as practical you too, is not so widespread. Especially payouts are usually not possible by SMS.

This method also offers you many advantages:

  • The method is easier than transfers and Co.
  • You can confirm your deposits quickly via SMS
  • You can also pay monthly
  • You do not need a credit card
  • You do not have to specify personal information

Again, there is unfortunately a disadvantage. Because as with the previous method, you can not cause any disbursements via SMS. Therefor You still need to resort to alternative methods.

Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is also a good method for payments. There are different suppliers here, Under which you can choose freely.

Many of the online casinos offer this type of payment for you. You can do this even cause payouts.

These advantages offers numbers with bitcoins:

  • You can also make payouts with the virtual money
  • Many casino games are optimized extra for this method
  • The type of payment is becoming increasingly popular
  • The method is fast and safe

The only disadvantage of this method is that Not every casinos offered this method.