The best jackpots of history


We show you the best jackpot stories in history. One of these profits has even entered the guinnes book of the records and is still unbeaten. We also give you tips on how to get the profit.

The highest casino profits of history

If you like in Casino Play, of course, for the profits. In addition to a high use, it is also important for the jackpot, you not only have to be willing to make a high commitment. It also requires good portion of luck. Generally, the profits in online casinos are already a higher than in Landcasinos.

"In addition to a high use, it is also important for the jackpot, you do not only have to be willing to make a high effort. It also requires good portion of luck."

The whole thing is of course a lucky thing, but in the history of casino history there was already one or the other casino profit, which is definitely Hollywood ripe. Because who dreams of cracking the jackpot and experience a true return. We introduce you to the best stories here.

The Mega Fortune profit

A Norwegian casino player once had the luck to crack the jackpot at the slot Mega Fortune. At the game he triggered the jackpot round, whereupon you have to turn on a lucky wheel, so you can get the jackpot. Told, the player received a whopping 11.7 million euros as a profit!

Mega Fortune The 2.

Also on slot Mega Fortune another player has cracked a Mega Jackpot. In 2013, a player from Finland has triggered a super record profit. With a very small use, namely 0.25 $, he gained a profit of 17.8 million euros. With this high sum, the Norwegian can certainly fulfill great wishes today.

Mega Moolah profit as top 1

And at the top of the top is another game atom, namely the well-known Mega Moolah. In 2018, a player has made it even with his profit to the Guinness Book of Records.

He also had a very low use of just 0,25 $ and thus obtained the record profit of 18.9 million euros. So the player played at the lowest useful life and has done everything right in this case.

To date, the record in the Guiness book of the records is considered and has been unbeaten so far. Mega Moolah has paid over 900 million euros to jackpots overall in recent years.

Your way to win


If you want to use your chance of winning now, we have a few valuable tips for you. You should note these if you want to do everything right in the online casino on the way to win.

Before you set real money, you should always first Demo mode try. So you can get to know the rules and peculiarities of the game.

Besides, you should Machines with a high minimum insert to play. Because the higher the use, the higher usually the profits.

In addition, you should always have the Expiration maximum use . It has been shown that in many games the Jackpot will be paid out only from a specific commitment. So if you extend the minimum bet, the chances are higher that the jackpot will be yours.