Casino in the taxi trunk

Play in the taxi

In this modern age of smartphones and Online casinos is fortunately gait and giving you to enjoy your favorite slots or the live blackjack table on the go - on a screen in trouser pocket size. In the summer of 2016, a different type of mobile casino for international headlines in the gambling community provided: The smallest casino in the world was in trunk and back seat of a typical English black taxis!

The smallest casino of the world

From the outside, the vehicle looked completely inconspicuous: a black car in the typical shape of the British "Hackney Cabs", as the traditional taxis are called there. However, opened the door to take place on the back seat, Saw a complete mini-casino opposite - Includes playing table, dealer, screen and small bar.

"On the screen you could follow current sports events and odds, or you could compete for a few round blackjack against his passenger, the dealer,."

On the screen you could follow current sports events and odds, or you could compete for a few round blackjack against his passenger, the dealer,. The taxi ride in itself you did not necessarily have to pay - The passengers were released to pay an amount, which was then passed on to the charity "Carer Trust". If you decided to drive straight to the next Grosvenor Casino, that was of course free.

Sporty summer 2016

The whole thing was part of a marketing campaign "playyourway" of the British casino chain Grosvenor. With this Exceptionally creative idea should be celebrated the great "summer of sport" - Maybe you remember the many huge sports events in the summer of 2016: the Football Championship, the Box World Championship, the Formula 1 World Championship, the Olympic Games & Paralympics, Wimbledon and a lot more - a madness program that has a lot of excitement , Fun and profits for all gambling and sports betting friends promised!

And where is the casino taxi now?

So the taxi casino was not just through London, but also by Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. Anyone who had already heard about it was able to ask about Twitter a ride, otherwise simply gathered the taxi normal citizens who called innocently a taxi and suddenly ran back in the smallest casino of the world.

We find the whole thing was a brilliant idea, and would only be able to carry themselves even once! Since we could not find info for whereabouts of Casino Taxis online, We turned directly to Grosvenor Casinos and asked. While it was answered very quickly and friendly to our e-mail, but we only told us that the Casino Taxi campaign was just a bit temporary and should take only a few weeks from the beginning. What has become out of the taxi, we did not tell us. Pity!

Future visions: self-propelled cars as private casino taxis?!

We are sure that the thing would be well appealed with the moving mini-casino in Germany. How cool is it when you have built a small casino directly into his car? Self-propelled cars should be normal in the near future - could not pick up the marketing idea of the Grosvenor Casinos and build a game table on the back seat? We keep it in mind!