5 slot tips for online casino: For more profits on slot machines

5 slot tips for online casinos

One thing we want to take away in this guide straight ahead: a guarantee for secure profits on video slots in the online casino does not exist! Who promises you such a thing, is simply not trustworthy. But what is there are some tricks how to improve his chances. We have many years of experience with slots in the online casino and would like to share our knowledge with you. Here are therefore our 5 tips for better winning opportunities at slot machines!

No.1 - Learn the bonuses effective to use

Bonus in the online casino

Welcome bonus in the online casino is of course something fine! But they need to know how the bonuses work to be able to use them optimally. A deposit bonus and also the profits from free gilds are usually subject Sales conditions. This means that a bonus amount z.B. Has to be implemented 20 times to be paid out. With a bonus of 50 US, the 20x 50 US = 1000 US, which must be used in the online casino. So plan that! The turnover usually works the fastest and best with slot machines.

No.2 - Pay attention to the payout quotas of the games

Slot is not the same slot. Each slot machine has a different, specified payout rate. In English, this is Value RTP ("Return to Player") called. He indicates how much money from the use of the players back to this on average. Thus, if a slot has a high RTP rate of, for example, 97%, that means that on average 97% of the insert at this machine goes back to the players. So it fails to compare the games with each other and select slots with high RTPs!

No.3 - Play slots with progressive jackpots

Jackpot slot machines

You have certainly already heard of slot machines with progressive jackpots. This creates it again and again in the headlines, as they regularly incredible profits of several millions of US francs pour out a single player. Prominent examples of these games are Mega Moolah ™ or Divine Fortune ™. Even if these games often have a lower RTP as many other slots when you reach a jackpot, this will be gigantic!

No. 4 - Play the slots first for free

Some online casino offer you the option of all your slots in a demo version Free to play money try out. Use this possibility! This gives you the chance to get to know the mechanics and functioning of the slot machines first risk-free. If you are familiar with a particular slot and his functions tell them, you can decide for money use and know exactly what they are with the machine!

No. 5 - Share your budget and play it reasonably

Probably the most important tip, which we can give you for playing in online casinos: Set limits and stick to it! Do not give everything available budget at once. Sit down a specific amount you can pass without problems in a month and never exceed it. If you make profits, the better! But in the event that they lose everything, they will not hurt them further. That should be the top rule for each player.

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